New Cat Interacting With Older Cats

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I have two older cats (approximately 15 and 13). They have been with us for all these years and are pretty set in their ways. Both are male.

Recently, we had a female kitty hanging around outside our house begging to come in. With all the bad weather, we broke down and took her in. She's about 2 and we've taken her to the vet. She was already spayed and now she has her shots.

The problem? She's very active, while my boys aren't. They are now pretty scared of her and hiss all the time. We have to beg them to come out of the bedroom. We've had to feed them upstairs and give them another litterbox upstairs (one of them was going all over the place out of fear of going downstairs to use the litterbox).

This female cat is adorable and really was just looking for a family to be with and she chose us. I can't get rid of her now, but I can't stand seeing my two boys so terrified all the time.

She's been here for a couple of months now and there are no signs of things improving.

Any suggestions?


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Yeah, ain't it amazing how kitties find themselves a new home, congrats on taking her in! (Most of mine found me when they were strays/feral.)
Well, I have a 12 and an 11 year old calicos. (I've also had older cats.) I adopted these 2 as youngsters and introduced them to older cats; so now it's going full circle!
Anyway, when I introduced stray 7-9month old Jarai a few months ago, I always made sure that good things happen to all of them when Jarai was around: treats work wonders, so does playing. Play with the boys separately too, so each knows that you're not replacing them and that you love them.
Play with her alone to tire her out so she might not terrorise the boys so much.
Good that you put up another litter box, usually they say a box for each cat, (especially on multi-floor houses), plus one extra. I'd also put up an extra water dish so they stay hydrated.
We have settimes for breakfast & dinner, play, bed. The squirrels outside also keep the cats occupied.
Maybe I've been lucky with mine, but I've never had issues when introducing newbies. It takes time, patience and understanding.
Good luck! Let us know how it goes!

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This is Delyte. Not to be negative, but--it's been three years since the first of these Gray pests showed up, and I still hate their guts. They have mostly learned to avoid me and allow me to have the best of everything, but just today our male person said I acted as if I was waiting for the "kittens" to leave so I could be the only cat again. I just bopped and bit Fluff for trying to cuddle up next to me, too. Mostly the three Grays get along, except for Stella trying to be queen of everything and biting other cats, including me. They will play together, but I don't do playing with other cats, only with my person.

[Since Delyte has serious chronic health problems and was 11 when I got the first kitten, we didn't think this would go on as long as it has. Expecially since my landlord has a rule against more than two pets, and we now have four. I don't know if this ever really works. Certainly not with the king of grouchiness himself!]

Geiger (In- Loving- Memory)

I'm king of this- house!
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Thanks for the responses.

The biggest problem is that the newbie sits there and stares at my older cats. When they move, she attacks them. It's like she's going after prey.


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Yeah, I forget to mention that Gazelle (3years old) likes to chase Dallia (12years old); Dallia likes to stare her down. It didn't even start until Suli died, don't know the connection. Not sure who instigates the chase. Trying to talk Dallia into staying put - 'the definition of chasing is you run, she comes after you' & 'if you don't run she can't chase you!'
Telling Gazelle to leave Dallia alone = she's old, has a heart murmur and can't deal with the stress, and she never has hurt you!
It seems like it's gotten less, maybe?

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Mom's human daughter is being sent to Japan by the Air Force and has told mom that she won't be able to take her kittens with her because of the quarantine regulations. So they're going to be coming here to live. I'm 16 and my two housemates are 13 and 11. We'd really be interested in knowing how it works out for others and what we can do to keep those kids from taking over and making our lives miserable. Mom says the younger of the two is like me when I was a kitten - bold, friendly and fearless. I don't know if I can deal with a bold, friendly, fearless and active kitten at my age.

Anyway, I'm going to watch this thread with interest.