Litter box issues

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Miss Nellie the- total Angel
Purred: Thu Jan 14, '10 12:23pm PST 
One day mommy noticed i had pooping issues at first i had diaherra and then she noticed i had dark red spots in my poop. In the beginning she thought it may have been blood and to take me to the vet. Then she thought it may have been my food, so she didnt let me eat dry food for awhile just only wet. Ieat both. Whenever i go to the bathroom my brother and sister try to sometimes come in with me and go to the bathroom too. Then mommy thought i may not be getting enough privacy cause of my brother and sister. So she brought us a new little box one thats covered and has a flap in the door. When i went to use the new litter box mom looked to see if i still had red spots. I did not. It went away. Mom thinks i just needed more privacy without the other cats jumping in and it was stressing me out. kitty hugs Nellie


I am so cute,- scratch my belly- mol
Purred: Thu Jan 14, '10 10:03pm PST 
Well we hope that is truly the problem. Please have your Meowma keep a close eye on your poops and call your vet if it comes back.
Good Luck and please keep us posted.