Bringing home a new kitty that's not really new

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I have one cat named Flakes. He used to live at my mother's house with 2 other cats (one male and one female) before we adopted him last January. My mom recently realized that she just has too many pets (she also has 4 dogs) so she is giving her cats to family members. She gave the boy to my cousin a few months ago. She has asked my husband and I if we would like the girl and we are seriously considering it. This cat is funny, sweet and she's lived with our cat before. They even had a "crush" on each other (they played with each other a lot and slept cuddled up together).

These cats have not been around one another for about a year. The last time they saw each other was last January when we had an ice storm and we all stayed at my mother's house for 5 days. At first, Flakes did not get along with the other 2 cats but then they were fine with each other.

What I'm wondering is if we do get Peaches (the girl cat my mom has) what do we do? Do we act as if she is a brand new cat that Flakes has never seen? Do we just bring her home and see how they react? I've never had to introduce a new pet before so I really don't know what to do and this situation is weirder than most.

Any suggestions?

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Im glad she realized she has too many pets and is giving them to loving home instead of becoming overwhelmed and letting everyone suffer, even herself! and its so sweet of you to consider taking this kitty. From what you said, all signs point to a good thing. they've both shown they can get along with each other, or at least with other cat in general. I would bring her home, and maybe let them interact a bit through the cat carrier. if theres hissing and flakes or peaches seems really uncomfortable and upset, i would then try to treat it as if it was a new cat coming in. separate them if you can, maybe let them sniff each other under the door. They will probably adjust more quickly then if she was a REAL new cat, but they do have very powerful scent memories and if they got along before, chances are they will get along again smile