Cat loses balance!

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Purred: Sun Oct 25, '09 8:06am PST 
Hello, recently Caspars third eyelids have been up. He seems a bit less loving too. Also, when he jumps up onto sofas he tends to stumble a bit and worst of all everytime he's sick his legs completely pack in! I'm really worried! Help! cry


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Aww, sorry that Caspar is feeling poorly frown Could he have eaten or drank something poisonous? Can you get him to your vets/call out the vets today, or are they closed? If they are closed, I would suggest just keep him warm, make sure he is drinking and then get him a vet's appointment when they open. Good luck, hope he feels better soon.

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Just one possibility -- what comes to mind with the legs giving out is diabetic neuropathy. Some diabetic cats before diagnosis and treatment will develop this condition, here is a link with general info: neuropathy click here

I don't mean to alarm you, but just bring it up as a possibility. It could certainly be something else. How are his drinking and litterbox habits? He should be seen by a vet, they can test his blood glucose and also if needed do a fructosamine test to verify diabetes, or figure out if it's something else.

If by chance it is diabetes, it is manageable and a majority of kitties even go into remission with proper treatment: insulin and proper diet and catching it soon enough. I can point you to more resources if needed.

Best wishes, we hope Casper is feeling better soon!


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I am sorry to hear that Casper isn’t feeling well- about two years ago my brother Oliver had an issue with his ears. Mom noticed a little bit of a head tilt, that he just wasn’t feeling well and he was off balance Once she took him to the Veterinarian, they found out he had Vestibular disease. He is doing OK now, and we will never know what caused it, but he had a little tumor that had burst and that is what made him feel ill. Even though he is all healed now, and ornery as ever, he still has some balance issues.

Maybe Casper should go to the Vet too….let us know how he is doing!


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My Patch had glaucoma and I was fortunate to have him the last three months of his life. By all means, get that checked out 'cause he had the same symptoms. Get to a vet as soon as possible.

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