Am I a Maine Coon?? Please help :)

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Sassy~ April- Fool's Baby
Purred: Thu Sep 24, '09 6:36am PST 
Hello everyone!!
Am I a Maine coon or no? Everybody keeps asking me but I am not sure. My picture is from when I was a kitten and now I am a year old. I weigh 12.5 pounds (at least that's what the vet said) and my feet are huge! I don't mind though because it lets me grab onto my mouse better. My tail is also as big as I am. It's really long and really busy but I don't mind because I curl it around me when I sleep in the window. I love to play and I don't really mind baths. In fact I get into the shower all the time. My fur is super long, shiny, and soft. I also don't really meow. Instead I kind of chirp I guess you could call it. I love to be around people, in fact when my dad does his laundry I follow him every where. I love to be close to people but like to lay by them and not on them. Also I love to play fetch with my ball when someone will throw it for me. Can someone please help me and tell me if they think I am a Maine Coon?

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Sassy looks like a mix between an indigenous (naturally occurring) Maine Coon and a moggy. Her eyes are exactly the same shape as my (purebred) MC kittens'. The ears are a bit too widely spaced for a MC. Indigenous MCs, unlike purebreds, are bound to have moggy genetic heritage (can you imagine Mr. or Ms. MC asking a potential mate, "Excuse me, are you a Maine Coon?")? In case you are wondering about the differences between indigenous American MCs and pedigreed "purebreds," my opinion is that the naturally occurring type looks more like a real MC than the purebred type--but we can't get naturally occuring Maine Coons in Japan. Sassy is a pretty cat. I would label her a "Maine Coon/Domestic Long Hair" (although her moggy genes could just as well come from a Domestic Short Hair). Go, Maine Coons!


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If your feet are also tuffed up a bit and your fur is even puffy at all I would have to say yes. You probly are a Main Coon. You should be proud of it. One of my owners favorite cats is a Main Coon and some of her friends of at least one. She is sad she doesn't have a Main Coon kitty living with her but she wants one. I hope that helped.

From the weirdo kittay,


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Well, you certainly sound like you could be part Maine Coon! Are your front paws like a pair of human hands? Do you tap on your Mom, when you want something? I do! I tap her with my paws, especially when she is knitting, watching tv, or just sitting. She is SUPPOSED to be paying attention to ME! Do you have a ruff or are you growing one? Tufted paws? Do you lie in the bathtub to cool off? Even if there's water in it? Do you LOVE treats so much that you'll pry the cabinet door open and eat the entire bag? Does your Mom think you are the world's smartest and the world's dumbest cat all in the same day? (I sat on a burning Yankee Candle tart, which my Mom THOUGHT she had put way out of reach. She had to cut my fur to get all the wax out of my bottom!).

It takes a full 5 years for a Maine Coon to grow up, so you get to be a "kitten" for five whole years! I've got a year to go, but Mom said if I get any bigger, we'll have to move to a new house! Or buy a saddle! I am WAY mellow. So much, in fact, that I let Bono, our little crimson-bellied conure sit on me and preen my fur. He's pretty cool for a bird!

I have a big "M" on my forehead and some say this stands for Maine, Mary or Mellow. I also don't sleep WITH Mom, I sleep ON Mom. I stretch out on her tummy or her back. But at 20 pounds, Mom doesn't let me sleep too long because she says it feels like her chest is caving in!

And even if you're not pure MC, don't worry. You're a fine kitty just the way you are!