Anybody else have a cat with RH (Radial Hypoplasia)?

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Twisty Twister
Purred: Fri Sep 4, '09 5:55pm PST 
we recently took in a stray cat that was pregnant cause we didnt want her to have her litter outside and have them be in danger of dying. we have had many kittens before because of the number of pregnant stray cats is abnormally high here and being animal lovers, we just couldnt leave them out there so we take them in and find homes for them. so anyways, when this cat had her kittens (5 in all) we immediately noticed that one of the kittens, the runt, was different. his wrists were bent. at first we thought they somehow got broken before he was born but it was just too weird that both of his legs were like that. ironically though, we had actually found a websites about the defect and thought back to that to discover that Twister (the kitten) has that defect. luckily though, Twisters form isnt that bad, he can still walk decently and isnt in pain and he still eats and drinks without a problem so we arent too worried but we know he will need much more help than the others with the defect and the fact that he is only half the size of his siblings. we did a lot of research on RH like how to care for them and everything and decided to keep him ourselves so we dont have to worry about his future with another family.

it just amazes me. i have never known another cat or kitten to be so determined to live! we have had many litters with a runt the size of Twister, and sometimes even bigger that, despite being healthy otherwise, required bottle feeding and often dont even survive, but Twister has not stopped proving his determination and not to mention personality! he eats just like the others, plays (though he likes to relax more), plus he is just SO cute!! i found him laying on his back in the little food dish one day and snapped a pic of it! he was on his back playing with his brother, it was the cutest thing! the pic is on his profile =)

so does anyone else have a kitty with RH and would like to share their story?


He's no- Sherlock!
Purred: Fri Sep 4, '09 6:23pm PST 
I've not had a cat with that, but I do have a runt who was less than half the size of his siblings, and bottle supplemented. He's now 5yrs old, and 14lbs! So, they do grow well, given half a chancebig grin
Good luck with your little one!


Miss Libby
Purred: Fri Sep 4, '09 11:41pm PST 
Someone Posted a web site about these kitties last year. I was intrigued and spent hours looking at before and after photos. One site in particular was an orange cat with the twisted legs and the owner made splits out of popsicle sticks and wrapped the legs up and after a couple days or weeks his legs weren't twisted. I remember it saying that its easy to reverse if you fix it while they are kittens.

Goodluck with your kittie