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the luckiest cat- in town
Purred: Sat Aug 15, '09 1:46pm PST 
i just need to vent..
Petland has really ticked me off!
at Petland they have kittens that are 8 weeks old for sale for $250. they claim that they are "rescue" cats. i don't believe this. for one, they don't look 8 weeks, they look barely 6. even at 8 weeks they shouldn't be ready to be adopted to families. the kittens are $250 dollars! that's rediculous. if they are rescued kittens, they wouldn't be $250 dollars without shots or neutered/spayed...and i don't mean to offend anyone if they got a cat at Petland but i think that is just ridiculous to pay that much for a domestic breed of cat.
they pretend to care of homeless animals by having a box for donations for the Animal Shelter, yet they are taking away homes for the kittens there by selling cats. if they really were rescue cats they would give them to the shelter so they can be spayed so other unwanted kitties like them don't happen...
a while ago, there was one tortie cat left for sale, she looked about 4-5 months. it said she was for sale for $150. i asked the manager what were to happen to the cat if no one bought her and he replied with "oh we don't worry about that. we already have three families interested in her" it made me really mad because why wouldn't those families go look at the shelter were there are so many more cats? not to mention you save a lot of money since they spay and neuter before they are adopted out for around or under the price of buying at Petland.
they also are selling english bulldogs for $4,000. of course they are a very expensive breed but breeders don't even sell them for that much. and it's not like their rare. so why would you spend double or more on a breed of dog that could possibly be from a pet mill or a backyard breeder? if you don't care where your dog came from, you can find a backyard breeder yourself. ive looked and around here at least you can get an english bulldog for $500 which is no different than a $4,000 one.
i'm sorry i just needed to vent. the cat thing made me mad...


the luckiest cat- in town
Purred: Sat Aug 15, '09 1:51pm PST 
and i have to add something that i heard that made me SO mad at think there should be more regulations on who owns a pet..
i am fostering a pregnant cat for the shelter and have been trying to find homes for her and the kittens ( even though they aren't born yet) and a girl in one of my classes mentioned that her friend wanted a kitten. i told her about the cat i was fostering and that i would be happy to talk to her about adopting one of the kittens. and this is what she said : "shelter cats aren't cute. she wants to get one at a pet store like Petland" it made me SO MAD!! how ignorant can people be? they're cats, they're the same!!!! i would partly understand if she was planning on getting a certain breed, but she said that she wasn't and wanted a domestic short hair cat and that the ones at shelters aren't cute...
it really makes me wonder how some people get these thoughts in their head? do other people think like this? i don't think she should be allowed a pet.


I'm cute and I- know how to use- that :)
Purred: Sat Aug 15, '09 4:55pm PST 
Tell her to visit a shelter sometimes. A lot of cats at shelters (who some pet stores will display free of charge only to help them find a home, rather than profit from it, BTW) have broken my heart because of their harrowing stories of survival, made me feel bad that I didn't have more room at the inn, and convince me that the most beautiful cats are those who aren't pedigreed (and not just me: we've had people meet Boris and be shocked that he was a rescue kitten, "he's just too handsome, are you sure he's just a DSH?").

Above all be kind to her, for those who are ignorant need guidance a lot more than they need judgment. Invite her to visit the kittens once your foster has had them, you might even use "getting them used to other people" as an excuse to get her to come by. I bet when/if she sees those beautiful kittens, she will change her mind fairly quickly about shelter cats.

Stormy- 2000-2009

Tall, Dark, and- Handsome.
Purred: Sun Sep 6, '09 5:24pm PST 
Thats HORRIBLE! Ignorance is only blissful to those who are for everyone else that uses their brain cells it just makes us work harder to make up for their lack.

I agree with Boris, You should invite her to see the kitties to socialize. Besides I've heard Petland just picks up stray kitten right off the streets. Probably taking them from free to good home ads too, it wouldn't surprise me.

QGM- Harlequin- (Striped- Seven)

I am a show- champion!
Purred: Tue Sep 8, '09 3:05pm PST 
I went to a farmer's market while I was on vacation in St. Louis, and they had a pet store there, a tiny cramped pet store which was selling all kinds of animals including kittens for $10 with no vaccinations!

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Purred: Fri Oct 9, '09 10:20pm PST 
Petland is a "puppy/kitty mill" store. They will tell you they got them from a "breeder". Of course, they did. But the "breeder" is a mill.



I'm not cute,- I'm handsome
Purred: Sat Oct 10, '09 7:59am PST 
You're right about Petland, I went there with my sister a few months back. The puppies were extremely expensive (and I'm sorry, but designer dogs are just mutts), but what made us angry were the kittens. There were five of them stuffed in a small cage with a dirty litter pan, and two of them were obviously sick with runny discharge from their eyes. All the kittens were lethargic.
We went to an employee and asked him to do something about the kittens, such as vet care. He flat out said, and I quote: "The kittens are fine, cats aren't like dogs, they don't get sick." We were in shock, tried to explain that, yes, they were sick, they needed vet care, but he didn't want to talk to us after that, just turned and left.
We should have gone for the manager, but we didn't. What we did do was go to the Petland website and lodge a complaint against that store. They did respond, saying they would look into the matter. I went back there last month to see if they had changed. That one employee was nowhere to be seen, and there were also no more kittens. What they did, I have no idea. I hope they did the right thing, but I honestly don't know. I definately won't buy from Petland anymore.frownfrown


the luckiest cat- in town
Purred: Sat Oct 10, '09 11:42am PST 
glad you've also experienced this Reuben. I was over by Petland the other day and for some reason had an urge to go in and look...bad idea. They had five FULL GROWN cats (well almost) in a tiny cage. I asked them why these cats were here and how much they were, etc. The man working there told me that all the shelters were full so they took them. He claimed they were 14 weeks old. they were NOT 14 weeks old. They were as big as Panda who is over a year and although she may be a tiny cat, they were definitely at least 8 months. He said they were $99 dollars and he advertised them as "rescue kittens." It made me SO MAD. If they are rescue kittens are you are helping the shelter by selling them, WHY are you selling them without vaccinations, or spayed/neutered, and why are you lying about their age? They were in a tiny cage, and it made me want to take them all and rescue them so bad. I couldn't do that of course. It broke my heart and i want this to stop so bad

Biscuit- (Angel)

Guardian- Angel~23.8 Years- of Love
Purred: Sun Oct 11, '09 9:59am PST 
Petlands were pretty much run out of business in my town. We don't have them here anymore.

Biscuit way to go

Budweiser S.- Piper-(Buddy- )

I'm fat and- loving it.
Purred: Sun Oct 11, '09 8:59pm PST 
We have Petland in Canada too. I am assuming that they are one in the same. They have tons of kittens right now and they want such high prices for them too. Right now they have beautiful Ragdoll kittens for alot of money. Go to your local shelter. Rescue a poor little waif. All a kittie wants is someone to love them and take care of them and give them a forever home.

All our furkids are rescues. Some fron our Humane Society and others just wandering into our yard. And you know, they make the best pets. At least in our city, we have a place called, Petcetera, and they actually do have rescue cats. They work with the SPCA here. Biscuit, I'm glad the Petland is no longer in your town.

Purrs, Budweiser

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