Somone is Hurting Me and My Family

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I don't know for sure where is appropriate to post this but I need help. The vet is not open today and we don't have the money to pay for a double fee.

Two kitties in our family have come home in the same condition.

The first kitty Vader we brought to the vet and the vet said it looked like he had been hit by a car. We had thought originally that the neighbor had caught him in a cage and left him there for several days because our neighbor has been threatening the kitties.

This is photbucket folder of the images of Vader and Obi.

http://s14.photobucket.com/albums/a318/LadyYvie/Vader Hurt/

Vader came home hurt about three weeks ago after being missing for five days. He was emaciated and had lost a lot of weight. He couldn't walk and was limping a lot. He's just now getting where he's feeling better and is getting around well, just a slight limp on one leg.

Then today after being missing for a day or two, Obi came home looking identical to Vader. Both smelled of urine as if they had been kept confined and peed all over themselves.

We called the police to make a report last time with Vader, but were told that unless we SAW someone take him, or do it to him then there was nothing they could do.

So I'm asking you, what does this look like is happening to my cats? What do you think I should do?

We live with my grandparents and they won't allow animals in the house, but the cats do sleep in the shed in the back with my brother, which is insulated like a house, it's just way too small to keep five cats confined in.

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Something horrible is happening to them. Someway you need to keep them confined to keep them safe - someday they won't come back - that would be horrible.

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I agree! I was also abused and hurt by mean people. They blinded me in one eye and gave me permanent brain damage...please, you could try to make a nice big enclosure for them, screen in a porch or something...

Black Jack

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Is there anyway to build a cat gazebo? Some place they could stay outside but still be protected? A friend of mine did this - it's fairly large and just netting and wood framing. She put kitty boxes in there and automatic food and water. This way while she was away the kitties could be outside but protected.


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Please put your friends first. If you believe their lives are worth something then put your own feelings aside and do whats best for them. If your living situation does not allow you to give them what they need or deserve please love them enough to find them a home where they can thrive. People are mean especially to animals they feel are on their property. I have encountered people who believe that animals are expendable. Call your local adopt a pet or a rescue but please do something before its too late.


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First thing to do is call the local SPCA and make a complaint against your neighbor for threatening your cats.

Second thing you do is get some chicken wire, and wood or metal posts, and make an enclosure, like several others here have suggested. If you can't do that your only choices are to move or to find better homes for the cats.

Third thing you do, if you make the enclosure, is to put up an inexpensive security camera (don't make it easy to spot!) and set it to record all of the enclosure area.

Please, your cats can't defend themselves, they depend on you to do that for them. If you can't protect them, it is your moral obligation to give the cats to someone that will care for them and keep them safe. I know it is hard to give up your pets, but you must do what is right for them. I will be praying for you and for your cats. God bless you and your cats and keep them from harm.


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How could anyone do this to sweet kitties?? frown

Please, please, please, keep the cats away from this situation either by building a run or finding them new homes. I know it'd be heartbreaking to do that but it would be worse to have them killed and know you could have prevented it.

Our thoughts and purrs are with you xXx


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What horrid people (who ever they are) to hurt two adorable little kitties! I pray that you find somewhere to keep them safe. At this point confining them to a small space is the least of your worries. As long as they are safe from their attackers I think they would be happy. Maybe you can look into getting them a large insulated dog house or making a shed for them. There are tons of do-it-yourself books at the home depot. Good luck and I wish your kitties well and a speedy recovery.