Special Rosette Request/Petition

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Jake Oscar- Beckett

Take me back,- Clarence, I want- to live
Purred: Fri May 22, '09 5:56pm PST 
A number of my siblings and myself were abused/neglected. We're sure we are not the only furbabies on Catster to have come from a less than stellar situation.So, we were thinking that it might be nice if Catster had a rosette/pressie that represented how we stand behind abused/neglected kitties. While my sister Millie certainly isn't the only cat to ever be mistreated, right now, she kinda is the poster kitty for kitties that were either abused or neglected, with the Cat's Meow/Animal Cops coverage. Perhaps an orange ribbon or heart might be a good choice? Should we contact Catster HQ and propose this? Regardless of the color, a supportive rosette might be nice. What do you think?

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

All the best,

Charmaine- Neville

Hey Dawlin!!!!
Purred: Fri May 22, '09 6:14pm PST 

What a WONDERFUL idea!!!! That would be a way to honor kitties who have come from abusive situations and now have wonderful, furrever homes (like you do). We will keep checking to see their response.

Oh, and hugs to your Mommy and Daddy for taking such good care of you. Our meowmy thinks you are precious, and sends you a big SMOOCHIE.....oh, and we left you a present.

The New Orleans Kitties - Charmaine Nevile, Emma Barrett, Louis Armstrong, Benny Grunch, Pete Fountain and Buddy Boldendancingcheercheer

Athena (In- Memory)

Purrs and Love

Purred: Fri May 22, '09 6:22pm PST 
A great idea, Jake! big grin applause

Have your mom send an Email to:


so Lori can bring it up at HQ's next weekly meeting.

Jake Oscar- Beckett

Take me back,- Clarence, I want- to live
Purred: Fri May 22, '09 6:41pm PST 
Charmaine, you make me blush! Thank you!

Athena, You ROCK! Thanks for the contact information!
red face
happy dance


ball of energy
Purred: Fri May 22, '09 6:44pm PST 
Jake, Me and my furblings think this is a pawsome idea. We saw Millie's story on Animal Planet and are so happy she and you have found a 'happily evfur after'.

Keep us updated...and if there's a petition to be signed...or pawed..count on us!!

Caviar, spokeskitty for Marmalade, Shadow, Cocoa Jo and angels, Macallan and Tailless


'the kitten'
Purred: Fri May 22, '09 6:50pm PST 
This is a wonderful and profound idea.

Millie's story touched me in every way possible and it is a great miracle that she survived.

Let's do this!

Bella (In Loving Memory)

Cantankerous old- coot!
Purred: Fri May 22, '09 7:16pm PST 
I am posting this for my Bella, who died as a result of terrible neglect and abuse (you can read her story by clicking on her picture there smile )

I think this a wonderful wonderful idea! And I would be honored to sign a petition for it smile

Lightning- Strike

Turbo Kitty!
Purred: Fri May 22, '09 8:17pm PST 
This is an awesome idea! You can count me in!

(P.S. Hey Jake, give your sisfur a big hug for me!)

Smily Bob

bob bob
Purred: Fri May 22, '09 8:32pm PST 
Smily bob here,
I agree I have also talked with some of my siblings who fall into that status, happily we are loved hugged fed and all that come with having been saved and loved
Smiley Bob applause

LB (Love- Bug)

Purred: Fri May 22, '09 8:53pm PST 
i think this is a sensational idea.
Me and my sister Shadow were "discarded" after our humom died.
Our new Momma and Dad found us and took us in.
Shadow "rewarded" them with 6 kittens, 3 of which live with us still.
Momma was told Shadow was neutered. She is now!
i hope this idea takes off in a BIG way.

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