Help please on kitty litter

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I am the King of- all my whole cat- family
Purred: Tue Apr 7, '09 9:27am PST 

I post once in awhile here and need an answer to something that is driving me crazy...

kitty litter.

I can only buy litter at Publix....the pet stores are too far away for me to travel.

I have been using Publix litter which I like, but it has a tremendous amount of dust.

Can anyone tell me what brand (store brand) litters have the least amount of dust?

I still have 13 cats and the dust is terrible....from the litter box....

Please help.



Education is the- Key
Purred: Tue Apr 7, '09 10:18am PST 
If it is a clay based litter that you are using these usually cause the most dust. We use Natures Miracle and is wheat or corn based I think and there is virtually no dust at all. Worlds best litter is pretty good for little dust too.


I am the King of- all my whole cat- family
Purred: Tue Apr 7, '09 10:23am PST 
Thanks....but I can't get these litters at Publix or Winn Dixie...so I guess I am doomed. I CANNOT travel any further than these two stores.....so....that's that.

I guess nobody in the world uses anything but special litters they get in pet stores.



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Purred: Tue Apr 7, '09 10:50am PST 
Do you have a Wal-Mart you can get to? Don't know what other stores have it. We use Fresh Results scoopable, we're 13 at home too. One is very sensitive to clay litter and other scoopables. So we get Fresh Results from Wal-Mart; it is a corncob based litter, we love it. It is similar to the pine litters but less expensive.


I am the King of- all my whole cat- family
Purred: Tue Apr 7, '09 10:52am PST 

THIS IS WHY I DON'T POST HERE ANYMORE.....People do NOT read before they answer.

I specifically said I can only buy at Pubix, and did not want answers as to litters you can only get at pet stores.

So....never mind.....made a mistake asking this question...and coming back on this forum.

Louie- (1996-2013)

The love sponge!-
Purred: Tue Apr 7, '09 12:05pm PST 
I know you said no more posting, but I think I can help.

I was once limited to where I could go, and could only walk as far as the grocery store around the corner. I have asthma and the clay litter bugs me.

I found the "Tidy Cat Crystals" has very little dust and can be found at basic stores. And it comes in an easy to carry jug.

Any crystal litter should help if you can't find Tidy Cats.

Please don't be angry with the forums or Catster, and I hope my info proves worthy.


Purred: Tue Apr 7, '09 12:38pm PST 
Could you order kitty litter online and have it delivered to you? My Mom uses Petfooddirect.com to buy food for Mika and they ship it right to us. It's more expensive than buying it in the store because of the shipping charges, but it would give you a much bigger selection.

Miss Mittens- - Angel DG #14

Angel Diva
Purred: Tue Apr 7, '09 2:35pm PST 
Thaddeus, I'm not familiar with the Publix supermarket chain but if they're like most supermarket chains, you should be able to find Tidy Cat clay litter, which isn't as dusty as most store brand clay litters. Or Tidy Cat crystals, which has no dust. I've used Tidy Cat and it wasn't too dusty and my cats liked it. The downside is the cost and the crystal litter is very expensive. Other than Fresh Step clumping litter, there isn't any other brand sold in supermarkets that I would recommend except Tidy Cat.


Purred: Tue Apr 7, '09 3:56pm PST 
Excuse me, I thought you were so desperate for answers? Sergio was only trying to help. Thanks Sergio, any help is better than none at all. So we thought anyway!!! shrug

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