anyone tried the brand Weruva

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I thought it was a good quality but then i was told it's not. it's expensive, and not in grocery stores so i thought it was good. bella likes it ok. I tried to get her on a raw food diet but she won't eat any people food and she hates high quality cat food like innova, felidae, solid gold, she just leaves it in the dish and wont eat.

i'll buy weruva if it's good quality though. also what is the best meat flavors to buy? she prefers fish over chicken or beef but does it matter, is one healthier for cats?

thanks in advance.

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Meows Bella, wave

Kally Kat loves Weruva Brand canned foods. Paw Lickin Chicken is her fav. then comes Steak Frites & Mideast Feast. She eats all Grain- Free. she's very fussy so I rotate different top quality canned foods from Tiki, BFF, Avoderm, So Oganic Beef & Liver & then it's Wellness Grain - Free, too.

The best way is to try the small cans 3. oz sizes just in case Bella doesn't care fur it as to not waste money on the larger 5.5 oz
I've called some of these Pet Foods Co. & they will sometime send you coupons & free samples. I know Wellness Pet Foods does because I call them just about every month. In fact I used the $5.00 off coupons this morning, $ 5.00 is a lot of money saved these days at the high cost of inflation Foods / Gas. frown

I read every label before I buy any canned foods even in Specialty Pet Food Stores. Just remember to stay away from by - products!

I go to Catinfo.org it's a wunnerful site to visit & get a real education.

Weruva's website is www.weruva.com from there you'll have it all there to view & research. I met the couple that owns Weruva last summer, they're very nice people they gave me some samples fur Kally to try. She's been eating them since, plus other brands too.

Good luck & let us know how you make out ok?

Weruva stands fur their 3 kats,
Webster / Rudy/ Vanessa so cute eh! happy dance

Kally Kat kitty


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thank you Kally! i thought weruva stood for "we ruv/love you" laugh out loud
thanks for the tips too about calling the company for samples/couponssmile I'll give that a try!!

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Bella, Hi wink

Yes, It does mean WE WUV YU, but the label says Weluvya oh, how cute. laugh out loud

Kally luvs most all of the flavors. You have to try them to see which Bella likes, she'll let you know. I have a can of the "Peking Dunken" right here on my pooter table as I write this post to yew!

Sometimes I buy the smaller size cans & the larger, it depends on Kally cuz, she's very fussy & finicky & will not eat pass the 2nd.day if the cans have been opened & I'm certainly not going to eat laugh out loud them even though their human grade top quality foods

Now, they have a new Company called b.f.f.= best feline friend which I think is owned by weruva as it's quite similar to Weruva & grain - Free too. So far Kally likes that a lot too! happy dance

I read there is another post here at the Forum on the new b.f.f. canned foods. I'm gonna head on ova there to read up on that. That new food seems to be all tuna & fished based which I don't like to give Kally too much tuna or seafoods. She likes Chicken, Turkey,
Duck, & Beef more.

Keep us up to date on this new food, curious to know how Bella is doing. Feel free to visit Kally Kat's page. or pmail us ok. we'd luv tew be Kat pals, cuz we too, Wuv ya!

Purrs & whiska rubbies, == ==
Kally Kat & Mama Liz


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I think Weruva is a pretty high quality cat food. There's no by products and it's pretty simple limited ingredients. Now matter how hard I try, my cats are totally fish fiends and they have a lot of grain free choices that have fish that aren't over fished and low in mercury and other harmful stuff to beware of in fish. I find myself very limited in the food I can feed my two kitties because of pickiness, poultry allergies, and the sharing of food between them, Weruva has several varieties I feel good about feeding them. I also like the small cans cause I can test the flavors and make sure my picky cat likes them. She absolutely inhales Meow Luau. I like that it has big chucnks of meat that looks like meat in it and the stewy consistency of some flavors is really loved by my elegant kitty that takes tiny bites.

Inface I need to pick up some more cans today!

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I think the reason maybe you were told Weruva was not good was because they were using menadione (synthetic vitamin K). Most good quality foods avoid the use of it, and in fact Weruva has stopped using it in their chicken (and I think beef) based formulas. AAFCO guidlines require the use of Menadione in fish based foods to avoid vitamin K deficiencies caused from eating fish. My cats love Paw Lickin chicken- its their favorite!