Celebrating wtih your cat?

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Purred: Wed Mar 4, '09 10:42am PST 
How do others celebrate with your cat? Whether it's a birthday, holiday, special occasion, what do you do that is special?


I'm bringing- sexy back
Purred: Wed Mar 4, '09 2:34pm PST 
Usually extra kisses and a special meal. Usually chicken baby food.


Purred: Thu Mar 5, '09 8:03pm PST 
My mommy gives me a special meal as well and lots of pettings!! She makes sure to spend extra time with me and may even buy or make me a new toy. I can't wait till my next birthday mommy is going to sew me my own pigeon!


Kisses and- caresses all for- me!!!!
Purred: Sat Mar 7, '09 10:46am PST 
My family celebrates me every day of the year with kisses, caresses and all the attention I ask them happy dance

Angel Soc- Dreamboat- #56

sir soc because- he thinks hes- the boss
Purred: Sat Mar 7, '09 11:47am PST 
my mommy loves me furry much and effuryday is a celebration wiv hugs kisses and treats i loves you momballoons


Walking the cat- walk
Purred: Tue Apr 7, '09 10:06pm PST 
We get presents!