what about me? am i a wegie?

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I was found just recently abandoned or lost and my new human is a sucker for a beautiful face...i am waiting my vet appointment as we post....i continually talk with a strange voice my new human has never heard before..any advice from the experts....Thank you in advance

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Hi Everyonewave

For along time Meowmy thought I was part main coon, but the whiskers didn't seem right. Norwegian whiskers seem to go side ways more and have a bit of a curl to them as oppossed to the other long straight down turned on most other breeds. Mine go from the sides and kind of curl a bit.

Main Coon and Norwegian do look alot a like, except for this....but what do YOU think?

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He could be Siberian or Maine Coon. They are al big cats, with maine coons leading the pack in weight. They are all intelligent, talkers, active, and love their humans. The primary difference seems to be in the shape of their face and their ears, as they all have tufted ears and feet. I am still trying to figure out all the differences myself. You may want to google the characteristics for all three and see what one seems to fit. So far he really looks maine coon to me. He is a big beautiful boy. They are extremely loyal to their people and dog like in behavior. I just lost a big 25 pound, 15 year old boy. Congratulations on your new addition

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Hi Jabba,
Just because your big doesn't mean you're a dominant cat, does it! You're sure cute. I'm a rescue cat, so mom doesn't really know what I am. My friend, Nurven, a Wegie in Norway, told mom I looked just like him, and she said that again when she saw my snow pics. Other furiends think I'm a Coon. I like the idea of being a Wegie, so I say I am. My traits fit what we read for Wegies. Maybe I'm really a bit of both, as my furiend Loki thinks. At any rate, I agree to look at other furs and read. I have seen comments about funny voices in Wegie materials and I have a very funny voice. Mom laughs when I talk to her but I'm serious! I only talk if its really important so she should stop laughing! Humans can be exasperating but so adorable.

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I would say more likely Maine coon or Maine Coon mix. The Norwegian Forest has a more delicate looking face were your cat's face more resembles that of a Maine Coon.