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Its not CORE but its regular Wellness kitten also is the regular wellness a good cat food? I just put my kittens on wellness kitten i got a 2 lb bag to try with them. They was eating Taste of the wild but guess what i ran completly out and cannot get anymore becuase it must be backordered or something. Plus the TOTW was a bit to high in protien ive also tried merrick bg and it was to high in protien for them also i have another question is
Chicken Soup for the Cat lovers soul an alright cat food for the price? i know its only 30% protein.


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I love Wellness it is an awesome food! Also try the canned kitten formula really good stuff. I never fed the cat lovers food but I have heard some good things about it.


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Wellness is an excellent cat food because it is meat based and high in protein. Not to mention the company that makes it uses human grade ingredients in all of their formulas! It's good stuff! Just be aware that it is often too rich for some animals I have heard, so if runny stools occur, don't be too surprised- just stop using the food and switch to something a little less rich in nurtients and ingredients.

Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul is an excellent food for the price you pay. Although do be cautious, it is made by Diamond which has had recall problems in the past. But they have made their food testing procedures a lot more advanced since the recalls, so I don't think there is too much to worry about- just keep an eye on what is going on in the pet food recall world.


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Runny stools can be a sign of the body detoxifying itself. So can vomiting, skin issues, ear issues, etc. When switching from a low quality food to a higher food you have to expect that these types of things may happen. That is why you should switch very slowly to give the body time to adjust. Weeks. Maybe months. I think people are way too quick to give up on a better diet for their animals because of the signs of detoxification and because they're looking for an immediate result. It just doesn't work that way.


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Yes at one time when i was feeding very low quality my cats did go through the detox rocess and i did not switch them fast but they still went through it they lost alot of their fur the new they got in was very soft and shiney its just i cant afford the food i was feeding at the time which was kumpi kat then i tried merrick bg and it was alright but i liked tasteof the wild and now i cant find it anywhere so i need to get them onto something they can stick with thats not going to break the bank and the place i got the chicken soup was for adults and not kittens so i decided wellness for the kittens. but im thinking i may switch to it permanently but im not sure becuase i have a cat with a severe sensitive stomach. So anytime she is switched it has to be very very gradual.