Who do you use to cat sit?

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Purred: Mon Nov 24, '08 12:27pm PST 
We would normally use family or friends but have just moved to Illinois so we don't really know anyone. We'll be going out of town for 4 days an are looking for reputable pet sitters. Having never hired a pet sitter before, I'm just looking for any advice/info. There is a company called Fetch! Pet Care (www.fetchpetcare.com) that is franchise based around the USA. I've also looked on Care.com which seems to be more of an individual person basis. I don't want to board my kitties so the person would have to come to my home. What do you guys suggest? Or if anyone knows of other places/companies that have good petsitters... Thanks!

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A couple of general suggestions...

1) Check at a local veterinary office. Some of the vet techs at our office "pet sit" as a way to make extra income. They are familiar with giving medications, etc.

2) Check on the www.city-data.com/forum website. You can put in whatever metro city you are near and search for pet sitting. A lot of people will post about whom they use for pet sitting. If you don't see any postings for some reason, you can always start a thread as well. It is free! (We have gotten a lot of useful information from that website.)


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You could check Catster Local, they might have one or two listed in your area. Have you ever hired a petsitter before? do you know what to look for? they need to be trustworthy, and bonded by insureance because they are entering YOUR home while YOU are away. It would be good if they had some experience too, and the kitties should meet her/him before you leave to kind of get acquainted. Good luck!

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Purred: Tue Nov 25, '08 5:20pm PST 
for mroe info:
http://blogs.catster.com/the-cats-meow-a-cat-and-kitten-blog/ cat-sitter-checklist/2008/11/25/


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Purred: Tue Nov 25, '08 5:44pm PST 
Thanks for the info. guys. After doing some more digging I found a pet sitting service where the owners have been pet sitting for about 10 yrs. They now hire other people to pet sit too but all of their sitters have to go through a pet first aid and CPR class. They're also bonded/insured. They seem a lot more trustworthy thansome of the other sitters I'd found.

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My mom always uses one of the vet-techs at our vets office. Luckily we live close to their office and it is a great place for the vet tech to spend her lunch hour!

I would call the vet and ask !!

Good luck.


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Go to any of the following pet sitter trade organizations most all are insured (which you may not find on care or sittercity or on CL):