Wedding of Tessie and Albie - Saturday November 8, 2008 at 2 pm ET/11 am PT

Travel to places around the world, make new furiends and pawty with them; let your imagination carry you away!

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I'm MARRIED to- Bella!!
Purred: Wed Nov 5, '08 6:23pm PST 
Please join us as my beautiful sister, Tessie, marries the love of her lives, Albie! applause

Bride: Tessie
Groom: Albie

Catron of Honor: Bella (my gorgeous wife) cloud 9
Best Cat: Mr. Silk (brother of the groom)

Bobbie Sue (sister of the groom)

Tucker (brother of the bride)

Flower kitten: Pawlette
Ringbearer: TJ

Officiating: Luka

Wedding photographer/picture displayer: Zaynie

Seamstress: My Mommy cloud 9

Please join us! Everycat is welcome! happy dance

Jingle Bell Mrs. Harley Man

I am a Diva- Queen
Purred: Wed Nov 5, '08 7:22pm PST 
WooooHoooo another wedding!!!!
C'mon sisters we need to go gift shopping!

♥- Sausage- ♥

Mama's Boy - And Proud Of- It!!
Purred: Sat Nov 8, '08 9:41am PST 
*Sausage & Meatball leave Tessie & Albie's wedding gift inside, since they won't be able to make it to the wedding this afternoon*


We wish you & Albie all the best and have a wonPURRful wedding day! cloud 9

We're so furry sorry we can't make it. Our pink monkey is heading out the door now.

Loves, hugs & purrs,
Sausage & Meatball


Pickles -
Purred: Sat Nov 8, '08 10:28am PST 
Places gift on the table for Tessie & Albie
My brofurr and I will try to stop back this afternoon for the wedding.
We hope that you have a very happy marriage and wish you all of the best that life can offer.
Pickles & Tuffy

crystal basket with roses

Mr. Silk- (RIP)

Go away and let- me sleep
Purred: Sat Nov 8, '08 10:29am PST 
My brofur Albie is dressed and ready to marry the most beautiful girl on Catster, Miss Tessie. He's pacing up and down the hall and meowing anxiously. My sisfur, bridescat Miss Bobbie Sue McGee, is looking enchanting in her pink dress and high heels. We're all getting VERY excited here. happy dancehappy dancehappy dancehappy dance


Call me anything- except late for- dinner
Purred: Sat Nov 8, '08 10:31am PST 
Before the festivities begin, I'd like to thank everycat in advance for coming and sharing in this, Tessie's and my special day. She is indeed the love of my life and I can't wait to call her MY WIFE. cloud 9cloud 9


I'm MARRIED to- Bella!!
Purred: Sat Nov 8, '08 10:33am PST 
Everycat please come in! Welcome!! Make yourselves at home and have FUN!!! happy dance

I am sure Tessie and Albie will love the gifts that have been left for them so far! I know I like them. MOL!! laugh out loud Tessie is getting ready as we speak!

Miss Bobbie- Sue McGee- (RIP) 2-

You know I'm the- princess
Purred: Sat Nov 8, '08 10:33am PST 
I can't wait until you actually SEE your beautiful bride, brofur Albie. I've never seen such a gorgeous bride. But of course you CAN'T see her YET ~~~ nah, nah, na nah nah! *** Bobbie Sue playfully boxes her brofur Albie on the ears and rushes off to join the other bridescats in helping Tessie get ready ***


Birdie Loving- Princess
Purred: Sat Nov 8, '08 10:35am PST 
**from behind her door** I cannot wait to be married to Albie! And I am so happy all of our furriends will be here to share this special day with us! Even if they are silent due to lack of typists, I know they will be with us in spirit. cloud 9

Albert- (1985-2002)

Mommy's Beloved- Boy
Purred: Sat Nov 8, '08 10:35am PST 
***** Albert flies down from the Rainbow Bridge, giving his namesake Albie a manly pat on the back ***** Congrats, brofur! I wouldn't miss this wedding for ANYthing in the world or on the Bridge. little angellittle angellittle angel

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