New cat attacking other cats...

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Buster showed up here about a month and a half ago. After checking to be sure he didn't belong to anybody, we took him to be neutered and vetted. The vet suggested he was more than likely around a year to a year and a half old and healthy though a little underweight.

Like with all the newbies he was kept in the spare bedroom until we were sure he's was healthy and not harboring a viruses.

Buster is a total sweetie, puts his paws around my neck kisses, and snuggles. Also snuggles his daddy, just a great all around cat. BUT when his time alone was up and we started introducing him to the other cats he went on the attack. He was fighting when he first showed up, but we thought after he was acclimated to his new surroundings and neutered he would stop like all the other we've introduced into the family.

He doesn't just fight, he's out to kill. I've never seen a cat as bad as Buster is. I was in rescue for several years, fostered 100's of cats with a multitude of different problems. But this one has me baffled. He's so aggressive.

When walking with Buster in my arms the other night after his outside time (he goes out after all the other cats go to bed) he leaps from my arms and tears in to one of my inside cats. I dove in the middle of them to protect Torque and wound up being on the receiving end of Buster's fury. OUCH!

It's not fair to keep Buster locked up by himself all the time, that's no life for him. If he had a home for him where he'd be the only cat that would be the best but we all know how hard it is to place an adult cat.

Anybody got any ideas?? Meds that might work?? We have a call in to the vet now waiting to see what he suggests.... shrug

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Have you tired the feliway spray/ could work but probably not...possible some calming meds...the thing is if he wasa TOm for a long time and probably got into lots of battles he may have had some terribe fights and is just not wanting to make friends...he may have neber veer had any cat friends and doesn't know they can be...a single cat place may be his only option...or he may have to live in his own room at your place... be itnerested to see what anyone else says...have you posted in any of the main Catsre forums to tap into all of catster???


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Hey Simon! wave

No meowmy hasn't posted on any groups or other forums yet. She just doesn't have much time to. She's still waiting on the vet to call to see if he has any ideas.

We have Feliway plug ins all over the house. They don't help at all. It will more than likely take meds to take the edge off his aggressiveness. He sent Smudge to the hospital when he first showed up here. Then when he was first being let out after his surgery he got Cherri. If meowmy hadn't been home and seen it Cherri would be dead now. There was another vet trip and the start of his seclusion.

Then the last straw was when he jumped out of meowmy's arms and attacked me.

Hopefully the vet will have ideas. Moemwy's at her witts end....shrug

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