LOL my cat loves to ply with her water bowl

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Purred: Tue Oct 7, '08 9:59pm PST 
Hello Everybody!
Mysty loves to use the cloth or towel under the water bowls as a toy and she will drag it around (the water tooshock) the kitchen does anyone no why she does this. i think its funny but my parents don't! shrug


Purred: Wed Oct 8, '08 11:38am PST 
Sorry can't say why but I love to play with water tooooooo

but I don't have a blanky under my bowls.


Brush me and- I'll be your- friend! :)
Purred: Fri Oct 10, '08 6:19pm PST 
thats too bad. She even acts like ashe cant see us at all! wink


Purred: Fri Oct 10, '08 7:11pm PST 
I like to play in the water too!! Sometimes when mommy comes home from work...it is spilled all over the floor...I drink out of a pitcher so it gets messylaugh out loud


Stella- Felinis--Queen- of All Kitties!
Purred: Fri Oct 10, '08 8:52pm PST 
It's Stella. I like to figure out where the water is coming from. I had a new water fountain and I took it apart every night, spreading the pieces around the kitchen floor and took the water filter out and hid it! We had to go back to using a water bowl, and now we all dip our paws and food in it, turning it into a stew every night. Sometimes our person thinks it would be better to just leave the faucet running!


New Tripod in- Town
Purred: Sat Oct 11, '08 6:16am PST 
Oh, yeah! All three of us love to play with our water (and food) too! applause We keep our Meowmy busy cleaning our dishes. We make such a mess she keeps our dishes on cafeteria trays to help contain the water. But we can still outsmart her and keep her on her toes!wink

First, we take our food and drop some in the water to make a stinky mess she calls "cat soup". Then we splash some (lots) of it out of the bowl into the trays. And after we use our litter-boxes, we splash around in the water sloshing around the trays, and the tiny pieces of litter clinging to our paws makes a slippery, slimy mess that she has to clean up at least three or four times a day!shock

That way, she never really has "down-time", and she can devote all of her spare time to our care! Try it--I'm sure your Mom will appreciate it as much as ours does!!happy dance


Brush me and- I'll be your- friend! :)
Purred: Sat Oct 11, '08 9:48am PST 
LOL!!! big laugh My cats dont combine their food and water, but we might find a toy in it every so often. happy dancekitty


Miss Nosey
Purred: Sat Oct 11, '08 11:42am PST 
I have a automatic water that has a fountain and a filter. I like to play with the fountain and get all wet and everything around it. My owner gets soo mad at me but then i just look cute and meow.