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April- (forever in- my Heart)

Purred: Sat Aug 23, '08 9:52pm PST 
Saturday morning my husband found kittens under his riding lawn mower. Thank god he didn't turn it on! Mama cat was there also. I was able to get mama away from the kittens and pulled out 6 3 to 4 week old babies. i assumed that mama was a feral i have seen her around. But it turns out she is very friendly as along as her kittens are not around, a good mama protecting her babes. I do not have alot of space and am concerned about bringing mama into my home. Do not want my daughter to get hurt. I do own a trap and have already called the spay clinic in town to have mama spayed. I know it is probably better for the kittens to have their mama milk but i am afraid they will just be feral cats down the road and i would like to find them homes when they are older. I have bottle fed kittens before so im not worried about that. am i wrong to take them away from mom? If it was just me i could bring her in she does fine with quite but with a 5 yr old in the house i just don't want to risk it. I am going to take care of her though. Also as far as mama goes i got some kitten food to eventually switch the kittens from the milk or KMR should i give the kitten food to Mama or just regular adult?


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Purred: Sun Aug 24, '08 2:36am PST 
Mom needs to be with her babies for at least another 4-8 weeks. Period. Don't fret about them being brought up feral if you are keeping them outdoors, just make sure they have a safe secure place to be - under the lawnmower doesn't count. ::hahaha:: And kudos to your husband as well for looking!!!

If you chose to bring Momma cat into your house with her babies, just keep them in a large crate where your baby girl can't get to them. If not, I would highly suggest leaving the lot outside. Just because Mom is feral doesn't mean the babies will be unsociable. I can give you a dozen dozen stories about the exact opposite and I'm taking third and fourth generation feral mothers too. I know, I cared for them.

Kittens who are around friendly humans, ones their mothers deem friendly, are surprisingly easy to socialize and therefore easily adopted. I recently "grabbed" two weened feral kits that we found to be the most, er, approachable and I had them adopted out in less that 24 hours. Actually, we had them spoken for before they were weened.

Look, you have a heart of gold and deserve a medal for that. And I'm not kidding and not being flip or facetious. You care. Just don't fret so on what they may or may not be.

Oh, Mom isn't a kitten so she doesn't need kitten food. She just needs a regular supply of good food to produce good milk for her babies.

Love ya' and the work you are doing for these little creatures. And take photos, photos and photos. And post a few for us, 'K? big grin

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I disagree with a few things.
Momma should have kitten food, and as much as she wants. She needs the extra calories and nutrition and there is nothing in kitten food that would harm her.
I would also grab all of the kittens and bring them indoors. Outside they are susceptible to disease, illness and other animals that may harm them. I know you feel bad for the Momma losing her babies, and the babies losing their Momma, but it is 100% better for all involved for the kittens to be inside and sheltered.
If you can bring Momma in and keep them all in a room or large cage together that would be ideal. If not bring the babies in and trap Momma and have her spayed and get her tested and her shots.
I have had to make the decision you are facing many times and I have tried various option and inevitably bring in the kits and spaying Momma has always had the best outcome.
If I can be of any further assistance feel free to e-mail me: ShiraBWild@aol.com
All the best!


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Purred: Mon Aug 25, '08 2:07pm PST 
The best scenario would to bring the whole family inside. It is doable to hand raise the kittens at this age, but they are so much better off with their Mama for awhile. All you need is a separate room like a spare bedroom to put them in, and hopefully instruct your little one not to go in there. You could even try a rescue in your area to see if they can loan you a large cage or kitty "condo".

If that doesn't work for you, I would just bring the babies in. If they are 4 wks. old then they may be ready to start eating KMR out of a dish instead of having to be bottle fed. I've had 4 wk. olds eating can food already. You may want to try human meat baby food too with no onion or garlic. Most kitties can't resist that, and it is very mild for their systems. You can make your own "gruel" using kitten milk, ground can food or baby food, and a little rice cereal.

If Mama cat stays with the babies, she should have a good quality kitten food to eat as long as she is nursing. If you can't take her in, then you should have her spayed/vaccinated and hopefully you will take care of her outside with food and shelter.

Good Luck and let us know what you end up doing.

April- (forever in- my Heart)

Purred: Mon Aug 25, '08 8:07pm PST 
I wish we could bring mama inside but we just don't have the space and the only place to put a crate is occupied by my dogs crates. The kittens are in our bathroom right now but it is small and we only have one bathroom and since mama is protective of the babies i can't do it. Besides that it is looking like mama is possbly breaking with a upper respitory infection. The kittens seem pretty healthy though. I have every intention to get mama tested,spayed and vaccinated. I have put in the calls and am just waited for them to call me back to schedule an appointment. The kittens go to the vet tomorrow to get their first check up. They are eating very well. and in just the few days we have had them they have started moving around exploring the bathroom.