Death of the Unknown Kitty

Whether a cat dies, is lost or stolen, or must be placed in a new home, this is the place to gather together to give and receive love and support when you experience the loss of a beloved cat.

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Sasha (in- memory)

Big Kitty
Purred: Fri Jul 25, '08 9:36pm PST 
Today a terrible tragedy occurred here in Santa Ana, CA. A kitty was injured, flailing in the street, and all the cars on the road either drove around it or drove over it (OVER??). He/she was alive. By the time the witness whom I am writing for got there, the kitty was dead.

To this kitty we extend our love and affection, and usher him/her over the Rainbow Bridge to join the many who I know will welcome him/her with loving paws.

I shall not go into the pain and utter despair we feel as a result of this event. The anger and frustration we feel towards the humans who chose not to stop is absolutely overwhelming. Is the human condition that hopeless?

Does fur and not being able to speak the human language make our lives less meaningfull? Are we less valuable than any other creature on the earth? Those who are religious - are humans not supposed to love all of God's creatures? Can anyone make an argument for why someone made the choice not to stop that doesn't sound selfish and absurd? Do you think these people call themselves "good" people? Do you think they can still qualify as such after driving over the injured kitty?

A serious question to consider: how many people do you know would have stopped?

Again, we wish the Unknown Kitty all of our love. May the kitty forget his/her last moments on earth, and be at peace over the Rainbow Bridge.


Little Bambi Zoe
Purred: Fri Jul 25, '08 9:48pm PST 
I can't understand what happened or why, really. It confuses me and I don't think I can comprehend it.

If the kitty had been someone's best friend... If I was to meet that person, I would lie to them about how their beloved passed. cry

I send my love to the Unknown Kitty and his/her family.


Little Prissy- Timid Booty Girl

Purred: Sat Jul 26, '08 5:45am PST 
Love to this kitty and others. It brings tears to our eyes. We must have faith in God - he will take this beautiful creature into his arms.crycry

Jessica - An Angel Now

Meow And Look- Forlorn
Purred: Sat Jul 26, '08 6:10am PST 
That is so sad, but I understand since this is what happened to me and my friend Tiki. We were hit one after another and no humans stopped to help us. Mom's neighbor found me on his way home and brought me to Mom. Mom then went back and got Tiki who was halfway up a driveway.

If the humans had stopped we may have survived. Mom did not know who Tiki was for a few days. But she still buried us together with love and dignity.

As wonderful as humans can be - they can also be cruel and heartless when it comes to kittys.

How sad.

Rufus Angel

Save Lives - Spay & Neuter.
Purred: Sat Jul 26, '08 7:02am PST 
Sometimes the world can be a cold and callous place where people turn away and don't want to help...don't want to get involved...
My typist heard a survey on the radio which said 2/3 male drivers would not slow down or stop for a cat in the road. I don't know how accurate that is but by the sounds of what happened with the poor unknown kitty, it could well be true.

I was collapsed in an alleyway, too sick and starved to carry on any longer, yet people still walked on by.
Somebody did eventually stop to help me though and although I never recovered from the neglect I'd suffered, at least I didn't die in the alley and I was loved and cared for in my final days.

The unknown kitty is now here at Rainbow Bridge, surrounded by love and warmth and is no longer afraid and in pain.

Now...if only I could send down the fleas of a thousand ferals to infest those drivers behinds....silenced

Benny Grunch

Will Meow for- Treats!!!
Purred: Sat Jul 26, '08 9:25am PST 
Oh.....how sad!!!! Our meowmy cried when she read this post. But Bless the person who did stop and take the kitty out of the street.

That kitty was met by all the CATSTERS now at the Rainbow Bridge, and all the humans who were owned by cats were there also to give it hugs and tummy rubs.

But HISSSS.....to those who ran over that poor kitty.....

Benny Grunch, Emma Barrett, Louis Armstrong & Pete Fountain

Shadow- *Kitty- Angel*

I walk in the- shadows....
Purred: Sat Jul 26, '08 2:41pm PST 
The people that drove around the poor kitty are the same type who go to the country and dump cats.

The world is tough enough without people making it harder.

Bless the driver who stopped and picked up the kitty. The kitty is safe now.

Rose who- loves Hazel- Lucy

Purred: Sat Jul 26, '08 6:56pm PST 
That poor kitty. He is here now, safe and loved, never to know hunger, fear or pain again. Little Brownie Boy will be able to help him (Brownie Boy is the name Rainbow Bridge Kitties gave to a feral who was killed in a similar way a couple of weeks ago) adjust too.

I wish I could sink my claws into every one of those heartless humans. And they call US animals!


Delyte, Dark- Angel, at- Bridge

Me and my- person, together- against all
Purred: Sat Jul 26, '08 7:45pm PST 
This is Delyte. That is so horrible about the kitty. But my person was in a terrible situation where she was driving at high speed in a mass of cars on the interstate, in an area where there was no shoulder. From nowhere a black kitty ran into the road and was immediately hit by several cars and thrown to the side of the road. No one was able to stop as it would have caused a major accident, but the kitty was clearly dead when it was over. Our person still has nightmares about this situation. When we can, we swerve for any animal on the road, and especially turtles which are very common in this area. We usually stop to move the turtle to the side of the road whichever way he is headed, because there is no way that a turtle can avoid a car.

Saddest purrs for this kitty and for all kitties who die alone with no one to help them... cry


I like kisses!
Purred: Sat Jul 26, '08 8:22pm PST 
This makes us sad beyond belief. We send our love to you, Unknown Kitty. We don't know what to say about people who would drive over a helpless kitty. No words at all.
Our Auntie got her beloved dog because someone threw her out of the window of a moving car on the freeway when she was only about 6 weeks old. Auntie's neighbor saw this and stopped her car and saved the puppy. Auntie adopted her and rehabilitated her after major surgery. How could someone throw a puppy out of a car? Why aren't there more people like Auntie's neighbor who stop and help? I don't know. I do know that we are thankful for all the wonderful cats and cat parents on Catster who really do care. little angel

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