Scarlett the cat

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Purred: Fri Jul 11, '08 12:07pm PST 
I was reading the book about the brave kitty who saved her family from a fire. She entered the garage 5 times receiving terrible burns to her body. It's been at least 10 years, maybe 12, does anyone know if Scarlett is still alive and if her kitten are as well?

Sparky (My- Angel Kitty)

Purred: Tue Jul 22, '08 8:00am PST 
I contacted the shelter that took care of scarlett and her kittens after the fire. I was told she's still alive and though she's a senior is doing ok.cheercheerdancingparty

Sable - ~Love you- Always~

Ride the Wild- Wind
Purred: Tue Jul 22, '08 4:46pm PST 
NSALA (the shelter that took in Scarlett in 96) has an update blog for all the special needs pets that are in foster or forever homes. It's named after Scarlett



King of- Everything
Purred: Thu Jul 24, '08 4:03pm PST 
Update, June 2008: In December 2007 we were very pleased to hear from Scarlett's owner Karen that, more than ten years on, Scarlett is still living with her and 'as sweet and beautiful as ever'. However, despite all she has been through, she had had to fight a new battle, as during 2007 she was diagnosed with lymphoma. Excellent medical care and a good response to the treatment have meant that the disease is in remission at present — and of course we know that Scarlett is nothing if not a fighter.
In late April 2008, though, came further bad news: Scarlett was suffering from hyperthyroidism, which she has had in the past but which had been dormant for some time. It became necessary for her to be taken into a facility called Thyro-Cat to receive treatment with radioactive iodine; during this time, because of the danger from radiation, she was not allowed visitors. The treatment and the time until she was deemed 'safe' and able to return home lasted a week — clearly an extremely worrying time for Karen and her parents. However, with Scarlett's heart and kidneys in good shape, and the cancer still in remission, she seems to have come through the treatment all right. Although she suffered from loss of appetite for a time and had to be hand fed, the latest news (early June) is that her thyroid is now functioning correctly, she has her appetite back and once again all seems to be well with this remarkable cat. We join her many, many fans and supporters out there in hoping that continues to be the case for some years yet.

Karen reported that North Shore Animal Shelter, who have been, and remain, responsible for her medical care throughout, said they were planning to put a Scarlett blog on their website, but as of June 2008 it doesn't seem to have been started. In the meantime, courtesy of Karen, we have further new photos taken in June. Karen also tells us that although she hasn't seen Scarlett's offspring for quite a while, she stays in touch with their owners and they are all doing well.


Truman\'s Girl
Purred: Thu Jul 24, '08 6:31pm PST 
Scarlett is my hero. Her bravery is second to none. I hate to hear that she is fighting lymphoma but glad that she is doing ok for now. Purring for a true angel. little angel


Ray of Light
Purred: Mon Aug 4, '08 4:00pm PST 
We second that, Marina! little angellittle angel

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Athena (In- Memory)

Purrs and Love

Purred: Tue Aug 5, '08 4:42pm PST 
What a great cat !!!
cloud 9


Purred: Tue Aug 12, '08 5:16pm PST 
Scarlett is my hero. I wish her well in her latest battle


Purred: Tue Aug 12, '08 5:19pm PST 
Scarlett is a hero, my good wishes to her

Squeakers- (Gone Too- Soon)

Furever my love
Purred: Tue Aug 12, '08 10:44pm PST 
I've always loved that story since Mommy read it to me in a book., we even saw a spot on her on a tv show about cats.
She has been my hero all along, and on Mother's Day, besides celebrating Grandma and Great Grandma June and Mommy, I secretly celebrate Scarlett!
And she's calico too!
I'd love to meet that cat, just like Mommy'd like to meet Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt wink

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