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If you don't want cats on counters you probably shouldn't get a cat

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Everyone loves- an orange tabby.
Purred: Wed Jun 18, '08 12:43am PST 
Seriously. Who agrees with me???
Me and my brothers and sister are ALWAYS leaping up on the counters to take a catnap. Daddy hates this but figures, what can he do? shrug
He's always been a dog person, so he's still trying to figure us kitties out. ^^ And, the one thing he doesn't understand is our obsession with catnapping on counters.
So, kitties, share your catnapping stories!

And, remember silly humans, if you don't want your cat to chill on your counters then don't get a cat.

Dulci (In- Loving- Memory - you

Kitty's final- rest in a grove- of trees
Purred: Wed Jun 18, '08 10:48am PST 
I've never had a counter issue with any of my cats, oddly enough.

They all jump onto shelves, onto the couch, etc., but none of them have ever been into the counter tops.

I'd say "it's that it's too high", but i do know they CAN get higher than that.

Just lucky, i guess. smile


Everyone loves- an orange tabby.
Purred: Wed Jun 18, '08 10:49am PST 
I'd say you're pretty lucky, too. smile

the kaya- skye &- shyloh paige

mutant twincats- of michigan
Purred: Thu Jun 19, '08 1:04am PST 
we were trying to curb the counter obsession, until we realized we were fighting the primal urge to hunt. somehow, mice shockare running in and out of the eyes of the stove...that just doesn't sound right somehow, but it's what's happening. so we've declared a general counter amnesty, and are currently training all humans who cook to put away all knives in the dishwasher after use rather than leaving them where kitty paws could find them. we'd just rather have cats on the counters than mice...shrug


Everyone loves- an orange tabby.
Purred: Thu Jun 19, '08 2:24am PST 
Cats on the counters IS better than mice on the counters. laugh out loud

I mean, who wants mice turds laying where they cook? Wouldn't you rather have cat fur? After all, it makes a good seasoning. laugh out loud

And Knives are bad! Training humans to put them away is a must.


No...the magic- is still- here...!!!
Purred: Sat Jun 21, '08 8:50am PST 
Jan here......

My cats go everywhere in the house that they want to......of course they go on the counters.......and we have never caught any horrible illnesses, or anything at all, from this fact......

A friend of mine (who is NOT into cats) finds it very strange that we let them do what they want and don't worry about illnesses we could catch from them.....far from it, we always wash out hands before feeding them and wash the counters before putting food on them for the make sure they don't catch anything from US.......


Little Coqui

I is at my- furever home!!
Purred: Sat Jun 21, '08 4:10pm PST 
I is too little to get on the counters yet. I has figured out how to get up to the little table in the kitchen though. My sisfur Bella is not interested in getting up on counters, she is not much of a climber. Mufasa occasionally gets on the counter, but it is usually used as a step up to the top of the refrigerator and not as a final destination!! Mommie doesn't do anything to trys to stop us from getting on the counters though. She is too busy trying to get us to stop climbing the curtains!! big laughbig laughbig laugh


Everyone loves- an orange tabby.
Purred: Sat Jun 21, '08 5:22pm PST 
I don't get why people worry about catching things from cats. Most animal diseases aren't contagious to humans. laugh out loud Rabies is; but I'm hoping your cats have their rabies shots. laugh out loud

Climbing curtains? I used to do that when I was a kitten!! Now, I'm more into wall climbing. wink Maybe you'll learn the art of wall climbing one day- just a tip, all you have to do is jump and shimmy.

But, cats do as they please when they please. XD

Don't we?

Izadore- (Izzie)

Always make it- look like the- dogs did it
Purred: Sat Jun 21, '08 6:47pm PST 
my cats are ALWAYS up on the counters, kitchen and bathroom. They help me dress in the AM--Izzie plays in the water from the sink, Ernie tells me what his plans are for the outdoors, Delilah comes for sympathy about dealing with her little brothers, and that's just in the bathroom! In the kitchen, if people could see me cooking around my cats, they'd have a fit! And I DON"T CARE!! My cats are a lot more fastidious than lot of people I know! I've had cats for a lot of years and we're still here and my cats have always been allowed on the counters so I don't think the have any horrible diseases. I agree with Kaya Skye that we are trying to change behaviors that have been ingrained in cats for milleniums. way to go


I'm cute and I- know how to use- that :)
Purred: Sat Jun 21, '08 7:08pm PST 
I don't want my cat on my kitchen counter, but it's for a very good reason: there's the stove there, and I don't want Boris to get burned. The other day he jumped on the counter while two heating elements were on, and I almost had a heart attack. Then I picked him up and put him on the floor. Then I yelled at him when he tried to get up there again.

Boris is a smart kitty, but I doubt he understands the difference between a heating element being off or on. So you see, there might be good reasons for some people to want their cats off some counters (Boris is allowed to be just about everywhere else).

Boris' mom.

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