Help! New kitten, completely flea ridden.

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Purred: Wed Jun 4, '08 12:37am PST 
One of my co-workers found a tiny kitten, I'd say at most a couple of months old, in her neighborhood and took her in for a few days. She asked me to watch her because she already has a cat and her landlord won't let her have another, especially under a year.

Kitten's name is Zen and she is a huge sweetheart, totally took to us right away and didn't hide, and is adorable. Problem is, she's completely flea ridden! If you look at her face long enough, you'll see them running around. We gave her a bath with a flea shampoo, and a lot died/drowned and went down the drain, but there's still so many, and they seem to be concentrated on her head. My friend also gave me kitten flea medicine, and I put that on her.

We live in a one bedroom apartment and have quarantined her in the bedroom, so that in case there are issues like worms, etc., Clover and Isabella stear clear of that. She's asleep next to my boyfriend on our bed right now. Is there any suggestions that you guys have for us until I'm able to get her to a vet for flea control so that Clover and Isabella don't get infested?

Also, her stomach is really swollen. She went to the bathroom in the little litter box we put in the bedroom for her, and I checked her feces for worms and it looked just fine, but I'm definitely not ruling it out until she sees a vet. What else swells a stomach like that, or are some kitties just rounder, like human babies?

I'm so sorry for such a long post, I just feel so bad for the baby girl. She loves to play and purrs loudly when petted, but you can tell the fleas are bothering her.


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Purred: Thu Jun 5, '08 5:30am PST 
if her stomach is round and feels firm she most likely has worms. even if you dont see any coming out, you should have her checked. having fleas usually leads to worms. as far as the fleas go, the only way to get rid of them completely is to clean clean clean! keep giving her baths, if you just leave her as is all the flea eggs will hatch and you'll have new fleas. also you need to vacuum and clean sheets...anywhere that the fleas might have jumped to and left eggs. fleas can hide in carpets and on beds. my orange brother brought fleas into our house and mom gave him lots of baths! he also had a "buddha" belly and had several worm treatments to get rid of em. he was a handful!

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Purred: Thu Jun 5, '08 6:35am PST 
Fleas are such a nuisance! We foster, and they often come with bonus fleas. We've found that we need to flea comb them in conjunction with the kitten flea shampoo. Vaccuum regularly, to pick up any stray fleas and eggs. We have a flea collar chopped into 2 inch pieces, and put a piece into the vaccuum bag, to kill any that might be sucked up.

We keep our fosters in one room until we have the fleas under control, and I steam the carpets with the iron. The steam will kill any fleas hiding in the carpet.

Good luck!smile


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Purred: Thu Jun 5, '08 7:43am PST 
I would keep the kitties separate and keep the new kitten away from your bedding and that type of thing until you can sort out the flea problem.

One product I love which kills fleas is called De Flea from Natural Chemistry. They make a spray which can be used on the pet and on fabrics/pet beds/etc and also a shampoo. It is free of the chemicals in most flea products and is safe for young kittens. It does not harm the pet at all, it kills fleas it comes into contact with by softening the flea's exoskeleton. I've used it on rescued stray kittens and it totally eliminated the fleas.

It does sound like the kitten has worms. When I rescued Church he had worms and we did not see any in his stools until after giving him the wormer.


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Purred: Thu Jun 5, '08 1:37pm PST 
I see that everyone has given you good advice about fleas already.

I would like to add that once the little one can be taken out of quarantine, you sequester access to the room for several hours and use flea spray on the carpet. We've used Zodiac with Precor to get rid of a flea problem we had where the carpet rather than me were infested, and we can't recommend using it enough. The fleas all died, the eggs that remained all got sealed by the chemicals, and I never had flea problems again. happy dance


Purred: Fri Jun 6, '08 2:21am PST 
Thanks so much for all of your helpful responses!

We have the fleas under a little bit more control, although there's still a few. She's definitely not allowed near the other cats. They're far too big compared to her, anyway.

She has a vet appointment on Tuesday to make sure she's in general good health. She's actually doing a lot better since we've gotten her. My co-worker was feeding her adult cat food and not giving her regular baths for the fleas! We got her some Science Diet kitten food and she gets regular baths.

She for sure has worms, although it was never a doubt. I picked one off of her tail after she used the bathroom yesterday.

PS. We renamed her to Zoey, and she is such a cuddle bug! ;]

Again, thanks so much!


Purred: Fri Jun 6, '08 5:26am PST 
My feral babies have aklot of fleas. I asked my vet and she suggested Advantage 9. We callewd the 1-800 # and they said we could use 1 drop per baby, but that it is 'off label" to due so.
I am also giving the 8 baths daily and flea combing them, but it's way too much for me to keep up with.
I'm going to do the Adantage this weekend so I can watch the babies and make sure they have no reactions.


Purred: Fri Jun 6, '08 9:51am PST 
Aw, bless your heart for helping so many babies. ;]

Let me know how the Advantage goes!


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Purred: Sat Jun 7, '08 6:13pm PST 
Have you though t of trying some ADAMS Flea Off mist..
it kills on contact and is safe for kittens..and even floors and furniture..I am highly alergic to fleas.. and have found this product a god send.. you have gotten lots of good advise.and in the long run most of that stuff can work but this works right away///
I have even made my own shampoo with it..if you are interested..I use it on the dogs all the time..
good luck


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Purred: Sun Jun 8, '08 11:14am PST 
First, the best product out there is Frontline. However, be sure your kitten is old enough to have the product applied. As a vet tech, we see fleas all the time. Frontline is the only product that kills fleas and all stages of their life cycle. Apply it to any other cats in your house. Do not use a flea collar or shampoo while using the product. Flea products can kill kittens. Be extremely careful. I can not caution you hard enough. She will have tapeworms. You can detect them by finding the small segments of the worm that look like rice or dried cucumber seeds around her back end, on her bedding , in her feces, etc. Fleas and tapeworms go hand in hand. Vacuum all areas of your home. THROW that vacuum bag away. You do not need to "bomb" your house. Eventually with continued monthly use of Frontline, your home will be rid of the fleas. You may find you will need to use the product for 6-8 months on all of your cats.

You should also know that extreme flea infestations in kittens can cause anemia, even death if left untreated. Once you apply the Frontline, you will see those little critters almost leaping off of her to get away. It will kill the live fleas, render them sterile and incapable of reproducing. Any eggs or larvae in your carpet or upholstered furniture can hatch but without being able to continue their life cycle.

Please please be careful of the products being suggested for use. Frontline is a product your veterinarian can provide for you. Many ingredients in flea products are toxic to cats but not dogs. TAKE CARE!

Good luck,

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