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Nibbling instead of licking for affection.

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Bunnycat Hops!
Purred: Thu May 29, '08 12:15am PST 
Hi guys! I'm Clover and I'm new around here.

My mommy brought me home a few months ago when I was a few months short of a year old. I'm really skiddish but I love to cuddle. The thing about me that throws my mommy off is that instead of licking her fingers/hands whenever the petting has stopped and I'm not ready for it to, I lightly nibble.

Mommy's never had a cat that's nibbled like that before, and my teeth outside of my fangs are really small and barely come out of the gums. Could that have anything to do with it? Or do I do it just because it's a personality thing and I show affection differently?

Izadore- (Izzie)

Always make it- look like the- dogs did it
Purred: Thu May 29, '08 6:03am PST 
This is called "love-biting" and lots of cats do it. I actually "prefer" it because when my cats lick my hands, my skin gets all red and itchy. You must love your mommy very much if you are skittish but loving with her! cloud 9


Que Sera, Sera!
Purred: Fri Jun 6, '08 12:57am PST 
Don't worry, Milo does it all the time. He does a combo of licking/nipping- he grabs my hand w/his paw, licks a few times, and nips/bites me gently, then goes back to licking...Funny, eh? It's just another way of showing affection (and he's almost 1 y/o now). This is the only kitty I've had that does that, but hey, to each (kitty), his own!

Hope this helps!



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Purred: Fri Jun 6, '08 9:12am PST 
Clover ~ I nibble on my mom all the time. I actually do both, I'll lick for a minute and then begin nibbling. It doesn't hurt or anything, I'm just letting momma know that I love her.

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Bunnycat Hops!
Purred: Fri Jun 6, '08 10:31am PST 
Thanks guys!

Mommy always figured that they were love bites, because I've never hurt her while doing it, and I usually do it when she stops petting me and I want more lovin'.

I guess we're just a little bit more proactive than our licking counterparts!