Curious about providing variety

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Purred: Mon May 19, '08 6:10pm PST 
A few of you have mentioned switching up dry foods now and then, to give your cats variety. When you do this, do you transition to the new food slowly, or just change it over (so like a brand new food, or do you rotate 2-3 kinds continuously so it's not really "new" but just different?).

I'm just curious if you are continually rotating and mixing food, or switching over totally for a few months, then going to the next ... My kitty has a somewhat sensitive tummy, so once I switch her totally over to Taste of the Wild (from ProPlan frown), I am hesitant to mess with her diet anymore. But like the idea of giving her a change ever so often. shrug


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It is not necessary to switch brands for variety. In fact it can wreak havoc n a kitties tummy, especially one that already has sensitivities. Once you find the brand that works, stick with it.


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Purred: Tue May 20, '08 12:47pm PST 
I keep out two different dry foods all the time, but my cats seem to generally prefer the one over the other. They get wet food twice a day because of my diabetic cat and I do vary the flavor of that often, but stay within the same "brand"


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I mix a couple kinds of foods and my cats don't seem to have a problem with it. My one cat had issues with a sensitive stomach and I fed him Purina One Sensitive Systems solely. But now I mix with a healthy weight and dental variety and they both do just fine.


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Transition slowly to a different kind of food,but if the same brand has different flavours I have never had a problem, my kitties get 4 different kinds of Wellness canned, with no problems.


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I have a few different brands I feed to my cats, but they've almost always gotten a mix of foods, and they've never had a problem with it. Right now they're on a mix of Wellness CORE and Wellness Indoor, but this is the first time that they've ever had just one brand.

My cats are a little weird, I guess, but what they like as one point could be totally different another time. A food they loved one month sometimes will make them turn up their noses two months later if the mood strikes. I'm not quite sure why they do what they do, but I make sure to keep the mix a little different each time (buying small bags) while keeping at least one of the components constant.

Oddly enough, they're way pickier with wet food than with dry. For wet, they'll only eat Nature's Variety Instinct Chicken or Innova Evo.


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We eat Innova EVO and Nature's Variety Instinct. Very little dry every other day and the rest canned food. They get a variety of the two brand's different flavors and have always done great on it. I have slowly introduced each one to them so it's not new, just part of their meal plan. way to go


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I pretty much stick with two brands, but I get different flavors depending on what store I go to, and what mood I'm in. lol.
My kitty has never had a problem with a sensitive stomach, but if she REALLY likes the food sometimes she will eat it way too fast and then throw up.

Something interesting to try: I have one of those bowls that holds the food in a container and it drops into the bowl. If you have a similar bowl and are trying to switch foods, you might try to mix some of the new food in with the old food and put more in every time you refill until it's all the new food. happy dance