Sierra's Diagnosis

Whether a cat dies, is lost or stolen, or must be placed in a new home, this is the place to gather together to give and receive love and support when you experience the loss of a beloved cat.

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*Sierra Sno,- In Loving- Memory*

Purred: Wed May 14, '08 6:57am PST 
I noticed a red mass in Sierra's mouth on 4/27. Yesterday the biopsy report came back... It is squamous cell cacinoma... cancer... She probably only has a couple of months left with me. Right now she is eating and getting around good. I am just so afraid to see her decline. She's been with me though so many hard times in my life... and she will no longer be there for me to hold when I cry. I hope I can make her final months with me special.

Thanks for reading.


Little Prissy- Timid Booty Girl

Purred: Wed May 14, '08 7:57am PST 
We are purring for your little one and you.


Shep, My- Precious- Angel

Is that for me?- Is it? No? Are- you sure?
Purred: Wed May 14, '08 7:57am PST 
Purrs of comfort for you and your family.
Much love,
Sheppy and JoJo

Abbie- (always in- my heart)

I'm fat, I'm- fluffy and I'm- full of love
Purred: Wed May 14, '08 8:59am PST 
I am so sorry. I went through a similar situation with Abbie. It was, indeed, difficult to see my formerly huge and healthy girl become small and frail. But I am infinitely thankful for the 18 years we had together. She was there for me through so many personal triumphs and disasters that it was comforting to know that I could be there for her when she really needed me.

My thoughts will be with you.

Maus: DB- #53!

Good old- fashioned lover- boy
Purred: Wed May 14, '08 2:22pm PST 
Purrring from one black and white kitty to another.

Bear (In- Memory of)

Excuse me but I- would like more- food now
Purred: Thu May 15, '08 6:58am PST 
We just found out that Bear has lymphoma (intestinal). I know how terrible you feel. Sending you big purrs.


Purred: Thu May 15, '08 6:38pm PST 
We are so sorry to hear about your diagnosis. We will be purring for you and your mommy. Sending loving hugshughughug

Biscuit- (Angel)

Guardian- Angel~23.8 Years- of Love
Purred: Thu May 15, '08 7:18pm PST 
Sending healing purrrrs of comfort to both of you Sno and Bear!

Enjoy your families and don't worry. Each day is a gift so have fun and feel love =)
The Bridge is a wonderful place (I can promise you that) and the time comes for us all to go there someday. But there's no hurry...take your time on earth.



Athena (In- Memory)

Purrs and Love

Purred: Fri May 16, '08 6:22pm PST 
Take it one day at a time to enjoy and love each other. You and Sierra are in our purr prayers.

Purrs and Love,
Athena, Apollo and Aragorn


Hazel Lucy &- Purrsville- Cats

tiny gumdrop
Purred: Sat May 17, '08 11:11am PST 
Hi Sierra Sno,
I put you on the Catsters in Need of Serious Purring thread.
The List is on page one and I also posted at the end of the thread. Feel free to post your updates. We purr non-stop.
Hazel Lucy

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