baby food as treat

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Purred: Mon May 12, '08 1:12pm PST 
I just mentioned that I'd given dulci baby food in her last months on this world, and she loved it soooo much.

but HOrus, her hosue mate, also grew to love it. If i'm careful of the brands (i learned from here that some have onions and garlic in them) does anyone think there is anything wrong with indulging Horus from time to time when he's been an especially good boy. (if he ever decides to BE a good boy).

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Purred: Mon May 12, '08 3:37pm PST 
Absolutely nothing wrong with using baby food as an occasional treat.

Now be good Horus! laugh out loud


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Purred: Mon May 12, '08 4:39pm PST 
I think that as long as you read the ingredients list in the back of the jars (you want to avoid onions, garlic and tomato compounds), and you don't give it too often, it should be okay.

I have cautioned people against using it too often before, but that's because baby food is one of those things you use when your cat won't eat regular food due to illness. As long as you save something else for that purpose (like tuna water, or tuna itself), it should be okay.

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When me and Whisper came down wif' feline leukemia and all the sore throats and infections that went wif it in our last months, baby food meats wus all we could get down and keep down. Our Mimi doesn't have any experience wif baby food veggies or cereal(except wif our doggies), but she swears by the meats when considering nutrition fer sick pets.kitty