Switching to wet, then [hopefully] to raw...Advice??

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[[[I have no idea whether I put this in the right topic, maybe it should be in Food And Nutrition. IDK!]]]

Okay, Meowmy wants to feed my raw. But Im sooo purrsnickety and SPOILED (smile ) I don't wanna.

So, meowmy decided if I was not gonna eat raw I was not gonna eat DRY (AHHH)!!!!! So now she wants to switch be to *gasp* wet. I wonder what THAT means? Hopefully not eating JUST water, that would be a damper on my YUM-FUN.confused

Anyways, Meowmy wanted me to get on and ask you guys what wet food I should eat? WELLNESS or FANCY FEAST?

Meowmy said that if I don't ever eat raw... thats okie dokie with her. She just doesn't want me eating DRY FOOD/kibble anymore.frown

[[*]]Charlie- Anne[[*]]

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Oh, and if you know of any other wet foods OTHER THAN WELLNESS OR FANCY FEAST that your persnicketies like, please share.


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No Fancy Feast...icky!

As for a switch I had to do the same thing. The little beasties didn't like just plain raw, but they loved wet. I would just mix in some ground meat to the wet food and slowly add less wet food as their body became more acclimated to it.

The wet foods I used were Nature's Variety Instinct and Wellness (grain free formulas). I did buy a can or two of the Innova EVO, but they didn't like it.

Good luck!