Feliway = Sneezing??

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Purred: Thu Mar 27, '08 7:12am PST 
Mom bought a Feliway room diffuser last weekend and set it up in the room I tend to sleep in (and in which I'm scratching the heck out of the chairs ... she also bought a really nice and expensive cat scratching post which I'm not touching). dancing

Since she set up the Feliway, I've been sneezing like crazy. Once every few hours, I'll sneeze 6-8 times in a row.

Nothing else has changed: detergents, perfumes, food ... nothing else she can think of.

Is this just a coincidence, or could Feliway be causing my sneezing?

Note from Mom -- I'm taking it away today to see if the sneezing subsides. I just want to see if anyone else has had a similar experience.


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Purred: Sun Jul 8, '12 9:36am PST 
my mom plugged in Feliway a week ago and i am sneezing a lot too. did you ever get used to it?