mommy is gone

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my grandmother passed away march 22nd
and left 2 cats behind with no home they are litter mates,declawed and fixed,but can not be seperatedfrownfrown good home only please contact wecj123@aol.com
they live in erie county,pictures avaliable upon reqest

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You could also create profiles for them on catster and select the "adoptable" option so people can see them who do not necessarily see this thread. Also, put up signs at your vet, and try petfinder.com. The more people you can look at as potential homes, the better home your grandmother's babies will have.



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You can try putting an ad in the local paper. Or even put up flyers at local businesses, supermarkets, etc.

Also check with your local cat rescue. They're usually found at the Petsmart. They might be able to foster the cats until they can find a home for them.

So sorry for your loss...

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If you do ads in the paper or local flyers, be sure to mention there is an adoption fee and make it at least 50 dollars! You don't want to attract a reptile owner looking for cheap feed... any responsible and caring reptile owner would not do this of course, but there are some unscrupulous ones and this is a preferred method for the not-good ones of finding larger animals for their pets to eat. frown