Does the pain ever end?

Whether a cat dies, is lost or stolen, or must be placed in a new home, this is the place to gather together to give and receive love and support when you experience the loss of a beloved cat.

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Purred: Mon Mar 24, '08 5:34pm PST 
My Pixie has been missing for over 3 months and I can't come to terms with it. Do I grieve her death or keep hoping she'll return? The not knowing is killing me. I thought the pain would subside but I am still just so devastated. I love her so much and just want her to come home. I worry about her continually. What do you do when you just don't know? Please help.

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I've never been in that situation, so it's hard to put myself in your position. I suppose that in the back of your mind you will always hope that Pixie has found a good home and is happy. And from a "practical" point of view, mourn that she has passed and your life together was so short.

She's such a cutie, though, I think I would always have a little hope that somehow you will find each other. hug


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the closest for me was when, daddy's ex moved out and took me with, daddy did not know where i was, but, he was still missing me really bad the whole time i was gone. i can not imagine what your going though, but, my daddy and us hope things work for you, we will be praying and purring for you, and hopefully a safe and happy return of pixie.hug hug hug

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I sure hope you find your baby girl. We are purring for you and cannot even imagine the anguish you must feel.


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I would like to offer a slightly unconventional suggestion... I don't know what sort of a spiritual life you lead, but you may want to try a heart-to-heart connection with your little girl. It's a form of meditation. It may not give you any answers but it might make you feel a little more at peace. If nothing else, it cannot hurt and might soothe you, if only for an afternoon.

Find a quiet and comfortable spot where you feel safe and happy, and let yourself find a relaxed position you feel you can stay still in for a time. Breathe slowly and deeply from your belly (feel your belly move as you breathe... maybe put a hand on your tummy to help you focus on this). When you start to feel very relaxed and a little spacey, concentrate on your kitty. See her, feel her, hear, smell, and touch her, in your mind. Picture her favorite places to sleep, the foods she liked to eat, objects she enjoyed, games she liked to play. When you feel you have her firmly in her mind, start to talk to her, either in your mind, or by speaking softly (maybe even whispering). Some believe this establishes a connection with her, heart to heart, and you can then communicate. Whether you believe that or not, it might still be a valuable tool to help yourself come to terms with this... whether the messages you receive in this state come from your kitty or from deep inside yourself, you will be amazed at the healing that can come from this kind of concentrated meditation!

Tell her anything that comes to mind. Tell her you miss her. If you're not ready for her to go yet, and you need her with you, tell her so. If you want to be open to what she might have needed to do next, whether in life or in death, and you want to release her to go and do those things, tell her so. Tell her it kills you but you'll do it, because you love her. Tell her you pray that she is safe and happy, wherever she may be.

If there are powers beyond knowing, I know the message will get to your cat. If that is not your thing, know that this can be a good way to open your own mind and receive the kind of advice from yourself that you can't get from waiting and worrying.

We wish you love and to find peace in your heart... we have also experienced pets that have gone missing and it is heartrending.