Xander has crossed the Bridge

Whether a cat dies, is lost or stolen, or must be placed in a new home, this is the place to gather together to give and receive love and support when you experience the loss of a beloved cat.

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Jobél- our- Sweetheart

Named for- Jubilee Year- 2000
Purred: Wed Mar 19, '08 8:06am PST 
Our Black and White buddy was only 4 years old and deeply loved by so many here on Catster.


Our heart goes out to Xander's family.


I Don\'t- Meow...I Squeak
Purred: Wed Mar 19, '08 8:32am PST 
Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
heads bowed,
Zoo and family


Look Deep Into- My Eyes.......
Purred: Wed Mar 19, '08 8:42am PST 
Xander we love and miss you so much. Our prayers are with your family. Soon you will have beautiful rainbow bridge wings!!

Purrs ~ Oreo & Familycry

Forrest- Grump

Purred: Wed Mar 19, '08 9:08am PST 
We all pray for Xander's family. We know what a huge loss this is.
God Bless.


Little Prissy- Timid Booty Girl

Purred: Wed Mar 19, '08 9:20am PST 
OH My what happened. We're purring for you and your family.



Amazing Grace
Purred: Wed Mar 19, '08 10:12am PST 
Our hearts are with Xander's family, he was very young.
Our Bridge sister, Heidi, will help to make him welcome, and show him all of her favorite spots.
Gracie Checkers and Heidi in Memory

Starr- (Rainbow- Bridge)~PAWS- ~

Meowma's Nose- Noogie Kitty
Purred: Wed Mar 19, '08 11:15am PST 
He was much loved in just the time that we knew him. Always up for the posted games and found his way to our hearts. He will be much missed and we here at the Bridge will take very good care of him.

Purrrrrrrssss and Purrrrrrrrrayers for his pawrents!

Starr and furamily

mow-mow (in- loving- memory)

issa mowwww!
Purred: Wed Mar 19, '08 12:02pm PST 
mow-mow crossed the bridge march 7th, it was probably the hardest thing i've ever had to go through. knowing that she's in peace gives me great gratitude and reassurance. i loved her so much and i still get sad thinking about her.
i'm sure xander is off playing with the many other kitties that have crossed the bridge.
take care..

Jobél- our- Sweetheart

Named for- Jubilee Year- 2000
Purred: Thu Mar 20, '08 6:07am PST 
Today Xander would have turned 5.

A Birthday Party is happening with all his new Bridge furr-iends.

We miss you Xander.


let's POUNCE!
Purred: Thu Mar 20, '08 6:34am PST 
Oh efurrybody - thank you!

Xander says that he misses all of you too, but don't worry, he'll be up there at the bridge keeping an eye out for you. Meowmy is doing a little better today - catster is actually helping a lot. She's trying to remember to not be too sad, but rather to remember all the happy times we had, so we're celebrating (and he's hitching a ride on our brother Lukey's back all day) 5 great years of a marvelous kitty.

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