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Oh my, kittens!
Purred: Fri Feb 8, '08 5:17pm PST 
We just had a litter of kittens and mom isn't eating very well...she had the litter yesterday...She isn't taking very good care of them...We are not sure if she is producing enough milk so we are trying to supliment with kitten formula. Also how often do we need to help them use the potty...We could use any help about new kittens? Please help...PLEASE?!!! Also one of the kittens urine is green.

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Lordy... I know almost nothing about baby kittens. I know they have to eat like every two hours and that Mommy should be licking their bottoms after they eat in order to stimulate urinary and bowel movements. If Mommy doesn't do this then I think you can use a warm washcloth and rub it on their privates to simulate the Momma licking them. Well thats about all I know. MOL. Sorry I can;t be more help.red face


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Purred: Sat Feb 9, '08 2:34am PST 
Ok my mother had to do this for me! You have to help them go to the toilet everytime you feed them! get a damp cotton wool ball - make sure its not soaking wet! and in a licking movmentstroke the genital area and this will help them to urinate. As for the mother is she eating well? is she a new mother? If she is a new mother she may just be a bit depressed and it may not come natural to her, if she has milk in some of her teets then she will have enough for her kittens. But if she doesn't pick up soon take her to the vets to check her over! If you need to hand rear, my mothe fed me every two hours with the milk making sure i had the right teet size and helped me to urinate until i could do it by myself! which took a week or so! I hope that helps? x


Oh my, kittens!
Purred: Sat Feb 9, '08 7:10pm PST 
Yes Kazi is a new mom, she had been alone all night in a fairly cold room the night she had her kittens and I didn't check on her until morning, I didn't know they were coming we usually sleep in that room but didn't that night and so it wasn't as warm as it would have been. When I found the kittens they were scattered all over in the room and cold as ice not moving or breathing, I thought they were dead. I rubbed them though and warmed them up and they came to and started crying.

There were five but one didn't make it through the first 24 hours, it's breathing was poor and very labored. I tried to keep it breathing but we lost it. Now there is four kittens yesterday only two of them would nurse on their own and the other two I had to syringe feed formula (I bought a animal bottle but they didn't want to suck the nipple I think it was too big) The one I was worried about yesterday wasn't nursing on it's own and it's urine was green. Today it's latching on to the nipples when the other kittens will let it , and it's urine looks healthy. It's quite smaller than the rest is my only concern for it.

There is still one kitten that is having trouble grasping Kazi's nipples to nurse and I've been trying to syringe feed it but it cries when I do anything to it and is difficult to feed. Even when it's with it's mother it whines if it's awake. It's been urinating but I'm not sure if it's pooing, partly because the mother is also cleaning it but not as much as I think she should. How often is it suppose to poo and how much? I don't have any way to weigh the kittens either so I'm not sure how much I need to feed him, I dont' want to over feed him and make him sick, but he whines like he's hungry whenever he's awake.

Kazi isn't eating as well as I think she should. We had to buy her wet cat food because she won't touch the dry food she usually eats and she only drinks a couple times a day and not much. I've been syringe feeding her water to try keep her hydrated because she it overheating I think and panting often.

I would very much like to take them all to the vet but I spent the money I had on Wet cat food for Kazi and kitten formula and nursing bottles. The last I talked to a vet a check up alone is over $30 and I don't have that much.

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Look up these sites abt taking care of new kittens and mom
and http://www.petplace.com/care-of-mother-cat/

It is normal for a new mom to be confused/nervous, etc with her litter . She won't eat much for the first 24 hrs; keep a bowl with food nearby and fresh water always. Don't handle the kittens more than 15 + minutes. If you absolutly have to you'll have to remove them from her and hand rear them.
Try to find somebody to help Kazi, her litter and you. Ask the vet if they won't accept installment payments, many vets do.
Or a rescue group.
Best of luck and keep us updated

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Purred: Sat Feb 9, '08 10:20pm PST 
i read in a post somewhere else that feeding the mother kitty kitten food will help her recover and produce milk because it's nutrient rich and high calorie...wonder if playing soft music would calm kazi down some...the more settled she feels, the healthier they'll all be. good luck, and keep us posted...hug


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It sounds like she might be rejecting the smaller kitten. That would be especially true if you had to do a lot of handling of him at first. She might consider him too weak and be concentrating on the others.


Oh my, kittens!
Purred: Sun Feb 10, '08 2:08am PST 
The smaller kitten is actually doing a lot better I think. I was worried it wasn't getting bigger but I think it's made progress and it seems to be eating alright.

At this point there's only one I have been taking care of it's all white, the others are fine and Kazi is doing great with them. It actually is one of the larger kittens she had and it has been having trouble nursing for some reason, it just wanders around her crying and never latches on. I have been making some progress with giving it formula, it will actually suck it out of the syringe now. However it still won't suck on her nipples and when it finds one it can't hold on it for more than a second or two. This is how the smaller one was though and after I fed that one it improved so I'm hoping if I keep feeding it it'll latch on on it's own.

Kazi seems to be fine with me and kittens, infact If I don't sit next to them she'll wander off or try to take ONE under the bed. Several times she took a single kitten under the bed and didn't come back for the rest, but that only happens if I leave her alone. If I try to actually take the white kitten away it screams and then it's impossible to feed. It won't take the formula unless it's next to it's Kazi.

It has been eating good from the syringe tonight though and the only concern I had was that it wasn't pooing but it finally did about twenty minutes ago. I think there was a bit of harder poo blocking the rest cause once the harder bit came out a whole bunch more came and Kazi saw it and cleaned it up for me. I can't tell you how happy I was to see it poo either Kazi hadn't been cleaning him as much as the others and I was really concerned cause I couldn't get him to poo.

Thanks for the website links. We've been trying to keep food near by her and water but she just won't drink enough water. I just opened a can of wet cat food for her though and she's eating it. We bought her a bunch of one brand and she won't touch it, when I switch with my mom for her wet meow mix cat food she's been scarfing that. Her litter box is only a few feet away, she's not using it as much as usual but she's using it a couple times a day which seems normal for a new mom.

I'm concerned however because I have to go out of town on Monday for a doctors appointment you see I'm expecting too and they want to do some tests on my baby to make sure it's heart is developing right. I'm worried I'll be gone half the day and even if I could get someone to check on them My boyfriend (who is the one that Raised Kazi and her brother) and I seem to be the only ones Kazi is really comfortable with. The first day she was fine with everyone that came by to have a peak, but yesterday she was growling at most of the people that came in the room, all but my mom.

I got a cute video of them last night I'll upload it so people can see it, you can easily tell in the video which kittens are the strongest.


Oh my, kittens!
Purred: Sun Feb 10, '08 2:21am PST 
Here's the video if you want to see.


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Purred: Sun Feb 10, '08 11:21am PST 
On of my good friends adopted a pregnant cat we had found.....she ate 3 cans of wet food a day and the vet said that that was a perfect amount.

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