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Whether a cat dies, is lost or stolen, or must be placed in a new home, this is the place to gather together to give and receive love and support when you experience the loss of a beloved cat.

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mow-mow (in- loving- memory)

issa mowwww!
Purred: Thu Jan 10, '08 7:13am PST 
we brought mow-mow in for a check up yesterday, to see how her health is doing and to check up on the tumours on her belly.

other than the tumours she is she doing fine. she's eating, drinking, sleeping and playing. the vet is worried that the tumours are going to rupture and bleed. she has a few large ones on her mammories and the cancer is pretty aggressive.

my boyfriend and i have already discussed her options and unfortunately we are going to have to put her down sometime in the next couple weeks or so. we're having a difficult time trying to figure out if she should go before the tumours begin to burst or to wait and see what happens. our concern is for her to not be in any pain.

i have never had to face the challenge of putting an animal to sleep. when the time comes we are planning on having a vet do it at our home. what should we expect?

any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Smokey~In- Loving- Memory

See you at the- Bridge Bebay
Purred: Thu Jan 10, '08 8:53am PST 
It is unfortunately one of the hardest decisions to make. We had to make it for the first time on tuesday with Smokey. He had bladder stones and was blocked up completely. His bladder was growing and filling and he couldn't go. We couldn't afford the surgey he needed. As hard as it was (and still is) we decided it was best to put him to sleep before his bladder ruptured. We just didn't want him to have to suffer through the pain. But he was obviously uncomfortable as it is. It's a hard decision to make and even harder to decide when to do it. You're in my thoughts and I'm sure whatever you do mow-mow will understand.

mow-mow (in- loving- memory)

issa mowwww!
Purred: Thu Jan 10, '08 9:19am PST 
i'm so sorry for your loss. it is such a hard decision to make but unfortunately it's the best thing to do in some cases.
we could have surgery done to remove her whole mammory area but we really don't want to put her through that. also the cost of doing that would be through the roof.

i'm just glad that we were able to spend this much time with mow-mow and were able to save her from the shelter she was in.

Delyte, Dark- Angel, at- Bridge

Me and my- person, together- against all
Purred: Thu Jan 10, '08 11:58am PST 
This is Delyte. I guess you can't have the tumors removed? Our person had good luck with a cat who had six tumors removed and had some good life left until CRF got her.

When she stops eating and doing her other daily things, that will probably be time. There is also a blank look that they can give you to let you know that the discomfort is so bad they can't really pay attention to anything else. So sorry that you have to go through this but Mow-mow knows that you love her and will take care of her and then she will be healthy on the Bridge looking down at you. Very sad purrs to you from all of us.

Winnie and- Chester

Mom...he just- bounced me- again!
Purred: Fri Jan 11, '08 7:37pm PST 
Mow-mow we just wanted to tell you how much we respect and commend you for doing the hardest, most loving act on earth, letting your pet go, before she is hurting. It is so hard to decide how long and when it is right. Our mommy has promised us both that she will never let us suffer and will someday let us go when it is best for us, not for her. She did this for her angel kitty Taz, when the dr said things were bad and it would only be downhill from there but Taz was still not suffering mommy let her go.

Meenu- Selanne

have your people- call mine
Purred: Sat Jan 12, '08 1:03am PST 
hi mow mow and family,

sorry to read about mow mow's condition.
could you not have the tumours removed?
mama has read that sometimes it can be successful.

lots of purrs from a fellow t.o. kitty,

Beloved- Angel Amelia- loves HL!

I am finally- with my True- Love Bill....
Purred: Sat Jan 12, '08 2:14pm PST 
hug We join you in your dilemna and love for your kitty....

I was told suddenly that Amelia had cancer... I asked if she could survive on steroids and pain meds and the answer was yes, but nothing could help the obstruction of the cancer in her lungs (she had been completely without symptoms until one day when we woke up and she had trouble breathing and couldn't move her left back leg) I rushed her to the vet and that's when I found out about the cancer.

I decided to put her to sleep before the symptoms that couldn't be controlled got worse and she die in pain and suffering and fear.... cry

It's the hardest decision to make but my vet reminded me that humane euthanesia is for BEFORE they get so bad they need to be rushed somewhere and put to sleep while in pain....

God bless you in your last journey and make the decision you think is right for you and your beloved.... hug

Mathilda- (7/03-1/08- we miss yo

Purred: Tue Jan 15, '08 2:30am PST 
We just had our darling Mathilda put to sleep on Friday. It was the first time I have ever had to make that decision and it was very very difficult. But I could see that Mathilda was uncomfortable, plus she was not eating and was not bothering to go to the litterbox--she was just urinating on the blanket she was lying on. Our vet had just started her on new meds the evening before but I just felt in my heart it was time for her to go. It is wonderful, caring thing to do for your baby. God bless you and keep you through this difficult time!

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mow-mow (in- loving- memory)

issa mowwww!
Purred: Tue Jan 15, '08 1:01pm PST 
thank you everyone for you words and advice.
mow-mow is still with us but we're unsure for how long. she's still doing all her usual things and hasn't been acting any differently.
we're going to keep an eye on her to make sure nothing is out of the ordinary.

it's hard to think that she will be gone in the next little while and won't be sleeping beside me.

Morey- Amsterdam- 1992-2005

I am THE lover- boy!
Purred: Tue Jan 15, '08 4:46pm PST 
Purrs to you and your people Mow Mow.

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