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Aby McBeal

It's All- About Me
Purred: Sun Dec 30, '07 10:30am PST 
My daddies brought a Pug into my house! I don't like it. It stinks. And it snorts a lot. ICK! I would push it off the balcony (you know, a "tragic accident"), but I don't want to touch it, and I certainly don't want it to touch me. If I shove it into the mailbox, do you think the postman would take it away? No, I suppose he wouldn't want it either.

Poor me.

Is that cheese?


Is it time to- play?
Purred: Fri Feb 22, '08 8:06am PST 

I hope you've either got used to the Pug by now or managed to get the postman to take it back! wink