The worst cat food in the food.

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Purred: Thu Dec 6, '07 2:14pm PST 
... I'm probably opening up a big can of worms for writing this, but what in your opinion is the world's worst cat food?.thinking

If we all know what it is, then maybe someone on here who feeds it, or who knows someone who does will stop and we could help a cat/cats out.smile

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In the 'world'... sorry for the strange tital


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Purred: Fri Dec 7, '07 10:20am PST 
I believe the "worst cat food in the world" is no cat food. It's hard to find fault in someone who genuinely cares for and feeds their cat, especially when you consider the number of homeless animals in this country.

Besides, not everyone can afford (or has access to) a premium food.

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Purred: Fri Dec 7, '07 1:24pm PST 
IMO, any food that contains nothing by grains and by-products and fillers is the worst. This is typicallly the inexpensive brands, especially generic store brands. Yes, it's food and formulated to meet minimum nutrient requirements but it's no different than Human junk food. We'll eat it but it's not good for our health.

Premium foods are good but not everyone can afford them or find it available in their area. A mid-quality food that contains some form of meat is the next best food. Petco and Petsmart and other storse sell mid-quality foods that are not expensive.

My opinions smile


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Human food.

Mommy is a student teacher and she heard one of the children in her class tell the other kids that his cat ate hot dogs. shock Mommy was horrified by that, so she gently told the little boy that giving cats human food can make kitties sick sometimes. The little boy said "but he likes them", and mommy replied that much like humans, kitties sometimes like food that is bad for them, so the fact that kitty liked them was not a reason to let him have them.

Mommy did not blame the child, she figured his mom was the one who said that was okay to do. She wishes more humans would know that feeding table scraps is a bad thing for both cats and dogs.

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Purred: Sun Dec 16, '07 6:10am PST 
Well any food that has in the first few ingriedients corn or filler grains. But one thing is its hard to judge because it is my belief that one cat food may be the best for one cat but the worst for another. Not all cats agree with all foods so when you find something that agrees with your kitty thats the best so why change a good thing.


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Actually, I'm not sure which is worse. Bad food that the vet sells (Science Diet) or really bad food that grocery stores sell cause customers don't know any better? Personally, I think it's a shame that Vets support certain foods.

I'll admit, I'm one of those that didn't know better and fed Whiskas cause it had the soft meaty centers. I didn't know better at the time and my kitties suffered from it. Penta, one of my kitties, would throw up a lot and very often from the food. We took him to a holistic vet, but we didn't know we wanted to go to Innova (the kibble she recommended - it was hard to find in the area and expensive, she did carry it though) and thought she was crazy for feeding BARF to her cats. She said the best store food was Purina One so we fed that for a long time, and the problem did improve a lot. We now feed Innova and are starting to supplement RAW too. Go Figure. dancing

I should probaly send her a note thanking her for the advice she gave us years ago. I only regret I didn't take it then. You know it's something when a conversation at a vet is still remembered 5 years later.

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I agree with you 100% curtain foods shouldn't be sold.

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Many years ago I fed my cats the cheap crummy food also, (just didn't know any better) but the weird thing was, they were healthy?
Iv'e never been able to figure that out?
Then I fed another cat Science diet, and he was always sickly, was it from the food or was it just in his genetics? I don't think Science diet is very good and was very pleased that when I asked my vet which food she thought was best she did not promote S.D. even though she had plenty of it in her office.
I feed mycats Nutro now, and I hope I am doing "right for them"
I have tried a more premium food, but they got diarreah from it even though I switched gradually, so I switched back to Nutro.
As for "worst food" I have to agree with Boris, Human food, table scraps etc....

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The cats were probably hiding the bad effects it takes YEARS for it to show,useally over 10 years, but if the food is really bad they'll be telltale signs

Bad breath,bad teeth..

smelly litter box and lose runny stools/stinky farting.


low engery level, moodiness.

overeating- they eat more to get more of what isn't there.

dull matted coat.

and finely a classic one thing after the other health record... bad urine nfection...followed by stones... followed by bladder trouble.... followed by allergies....followed by dirty eyes,ect

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