Wally crossed the Bridge

Whether a cat dies, is lost or stolen, or must be placed in a new home, this is the place to gather together to give and receive love and support when you experience the loss of a beloved cat.

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Hazel Lucy &- Purrsville- Cats

tiny gumdrop
Purred: Sat Dec 1, '07 1:15am PST 
Our wonderfully caring friend Wally crossed the bridge in his mom's arms on the way to the emergency hospital. After Sydney Rose, how much heartache can their mom bear? I offer all the comfort prayer can send.
Please keep Alfie in your prayers as he is visibly upset too.
I've unlocked my photos if you wish to use Wally's photo.

Here is the url to Light a Candle for Wally:
http://www.gratefulness.org/candles/candles.cfm?l=eng&gi=Wal ly

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Queenie ~- Sweet Angel

~ With my Julesy- now ~
Purred: Sat Dec 1, '07 2:04am PST 
Thank you Hazel Lucy, for starting this thread even though you must still be heartbroken after Buddie and McKenna too...it has been a terrible week on catster.....you are an amazing purrson indeed.

Wally, dear, sweet friend, I have no words to express my complete sadness and shock....except to say we all love you, always and forever, and hope that you are at peace at the bridge, dear furriend. You must be one of the sweetest guys I have ever had the blessing to have known.

For your meowmy....we love you so much too, and we are all here for you. My heart is breaking thinking of you alone with this sadness, but you are not alone - we are all here with open arms and strong shoulders.


Queenie, Snowy, Toby, Rosie & the kittens, and meowmy Carli

Bella - My Angel Girl

I'm the baby-you- got to love me
Purred: Sat Dec 1, '07 2:56am PST 
We are so saddened at the news that Wally has gone to the Bridge. We are in shock. The Bridge has gained so many beloved Catster kitties these last few weeks.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Wally and his family. We pray that Alfie is doing better and that being stressed doesn't take a devastating toll. We are here for their family if they need us.

God Speed Wally. May you rest in peace sweet boy!

Purrs and headbutts,
Bella and the gang

Sophie♥- ;

Wally's Forever- Love
Purred: Sat Dec 1, '07 3:37am PST 
Oh my love, my precious love. How can I write this, how can I bear to loose you. I loved you from the first moment we met. We were looking forward to a lifetime together. You are part of me, my soulmate. I feel lost and frightened and I want to bury my head in your thick fur and purr you to sleep forever. I want to curl up beside you, I want this to be a bad dream.
Oh Wally, I just cannot say goodbye...May I at least escort you to the bridge, may we hold paws one last time before I kiss you goodbye?
I love you, Wally Bear, always and forever...nothing will ever change that.
Your devoted Sophie

Hannah♥- Loves- Catster

My Heart Is True
Purred: Sat Dec 1, '07 3:44am PST 
Wally, I cannot see for the tears...I will miss you so very much. I could always come to you with any problem, and you would patiently listen to me. You were such a wonderful friend to me, and I was so happy when you and Sophie fell in love. We will always include you as part of our family, and you will always be loved and missed by every one of us.
In deepest, saddest sympathy,

Griffinϖ- 9;

Ummm, still- thinking about- one...
Purred: Sat Dec 1, '07 3:50am PST 
Uncle Wally, Will you watch me grow up from Heaven now? I don't understand all of this, but I know I will always care about you, and I will think about you all the time. Love you, Griffin

Zack Beloved- Angel- (1995-2009)

True Blue to My- Girl Kiwi
Purred: Sat Dec 1, '07 4:01am PST 
I will try to write for our family...We are so saddened, so heartbroken, I don't know where to start.
There is not a cat on Catster with a bigger heart than you, Wally. You cared about all the new cats with no rosettes on their pages, you cared about all the sick cats, even if you did not personally know them, you cared about the families who lost their loved ones, your friends knew you as a true and faithful friend. No one will ever replace the whole that is left by your passing. We send loving prayers and purrs of comfort to your mom and to Alfie. We are here for anything they need to get through this time of sadness. You are our brother, and we will love you always.
Zack and the Texas Wild Bunch

Samoa - Diva Angel

Supreme- Detective &- Beauty Queen
Purred: Sat Dec 1, '07 4:11am PST 

It saddens us soooooo much to hear about Wally going to the bridge.

We just can't believe how many friends have left for the bridge recently. We are purring for Alfie and Wally's Mommy, and we know Wally is the most beautiful angel and was greeted with open paws by Sydney Rose.

Sad purrs ~

Samoa, Calvin, Violet, Gleek, Spunky & Sugar



Don't leave me- alone!!
Purred: Sat Dec 1, '07 5:55am PST 

HARRY the- Preacher Cat

Purred: Sat Dec 1, '07 5:59am PST 
Dear Wally..it is so hard to say goodbye to you. But your passing can never erase the memories of kindness you have left behind. We are sending warm hugs to your family to give them strength during this difficult time.
Harry, Tick & P3

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