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Catster HQ

Purred: Tue Nov 27, '07 12:23pm PST 

We're working on improving our Local homepage by being able to guess where a user is based simply by their IP address.

Could you help us test a service we may use by going to the below URL and seeing where it says you are, and then post back here how close or far off it is.



Ted @ Catster HQ


Born to Run &- Born to Moo Boo

Purred: Tue Nov 27, '07 1:00pm PST 
No problem Ted, only too happy to help.

It states the region we are in is Nottinghamshire (UK) and Global City - Kettering (UK).

Nottinghamshire is about 80 miles from us and Kettering is about 35 miles from us - We are actually in Buckinghamshire.

Not sure if you wanted info from the UK, but we like to help where we can.

Oh but if Mum tries this little test again tomorrow, she will actually be a lot closer to you than she will to either Nottingham or Kettering
laugh out loudlaugh out loud

Edited by author Tue Nov 27, '07 1:03pm PST


Me, Me, Me, Me
Purred: Tue Nov 27, '07 1:19pm PST 
The only thing it said for us was United States. No region or anything like that.

Sesshoumaru- (Sesshy)

mrrrr? wanna- play?
Purred: Tue Nov 27, '07 1:24pm PST 
Said I was in Toronto Ontario Canada which is the closest big city to me and not that far away, so yes, it was pretty acurrate.

Merlin - An Angel- Forever

Purred: Tue Nov 27, '07 1:34pm PST 
It correctly knew my location and which Internet provider I have shockshock Is it really necessary to know where in the world a user is viewing Catster from? shrug

Winnie and- Chester

Mom...he just- bounced me- again!
Purred: Tue Nov 27, '07 1:39pm PST 
It got the state right and the city was the one next to us, but not bad overall. Am curious what it would say when I am out of town and posting from another place

Muffin- ♥- Rainbow- Bridge

Mrs- Ian
Purred: Tue Nov 27, '07 2:22pm PST 
It got us totally wrong.
It said that we are in Crawley, West Sussex, UK when we are in fact twentyfive miles from Truro in Cornwall, just a couple of hundred miles out. big grin


I'm bringing- sexy back
Purred: Tue Nov 27, '07 2:22pm PST 
Mine says I am browsing from a small town about 40 miles from us. You would think it would find me in a big city like Portland.


Head of- household
Purred: Tue Nov 27, '07 2:23pm PST 
It pinpointed our city! shock

Boxie Brown- Forever

Boxie B.- with a- goatee!!
Purred: Tue Nov 27, '07 2:48pm PST 
Good thing Mom works for "Big Brother" or else we might be scared! Nailed us dead on!

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