I have a Weight Problem...

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I AM FAT!!!!!!
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I love to eat and I am lazy. I have gained a ton of weight and I am now almost 15 lbs. I have had a few bad things happen to me because I am fat. I can no longer continue my life as an Indoor/Outdoor cat, I can't even jump my fence or chase bunnies anymore. Do you have any suggestions on how I can regain my health and lose some weight?
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My mom (Danielle) will be pleased.

Merlin - An Angel- Forever

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Losing the weight is important but you must do it very slowly otherwise you can develop a serious health condition called fatty liver disease.

Here are some tips: reduce the number of calories you are eating. It's suggested to eat about 20 calories per pound of ideal body weight. To find out how many calories are in food, see these charts:

Canned food chart
Dry food chart
Non-US foods

You'll notice that canned foods have much less calories than dry foods. You may want to eat more canned food and eat less dry food. An all canned food diet is ideal but some cats won't go that far shrug I don't recommend the dry foods that are for weight loss. While they may have a little less calories than regular food, they also have a lot more carbs. Too many carbs is a big strain on our bodies, possibly leading to health problems later in life such as diabetes.

Make sure to get plenty of excercise. Interactive toys are great. A few minutes of play time every day will help.

Here is more info on feline obesity and more tips: http://catinfo.org/feline_obesity.htm Warning: some pictures are very graphic, including surgery pictures of huge fat deposits around the kidneys and very bad urine scalding.

Merlin - An Angel- Forever

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Your vet may also have some tips on how to help you lose weight, too big grin


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I too have a weight problem as I am sure that you can see! MOL! Because I am an indoor cat my Vet has said to feed an indoor cat formula, and to also feed at seperate times of the day and not all at once so that we fluffier kitties can't gorge out on food. And also to do this process very slowly on cutting back the amount of food. Because if you do it to fast this can result in kidney and liver problems.

Big Bad Baby- Twinkle

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I too am Roobinesk.

I usta be 15 pownds. I cudd not jump. I was PHAAAAAT.

But now I losted WUN pownd becuz my Meowmie followed da Vat's rekkomendayshuns -- "Feed hur 3/4 of a 6 oz can of Kat Food a Day-- and No Free Feeding" (meening doant leev no dry foodies out for yore kittie(s).)

It wirked.

I yam 12 yeerz old-- yoo are still KWITE yung-- do it now or elss yoo mite be a candiayte for hart problimz or diabeeteeez.

I still hafta lose 2 more elbeez, (LB's) but I feel betture and can run run run -- hee hee!!!

Iyam an indoor cattius -- Meowmie feerz for ower safety in da not so grate owtdoors.

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Merlin - An Angel- Forever

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Huh... I weigh 15 pounds and the vet says my weight is just right thinking I'm just a DSH but maybe orange one are supposed to weigh a lot shrug

Your vet knows you best. If she/he feels that you need to lose weight, work with the vet to come up with a plan to lose the weight slowly.

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Mommy moved our bowls-we now have to WORK for food!!! I have to climb ALL THE WAY up the gym to get to mine. Mommy says it is working so far because we have to work too hard to eat, so we ONLY eat when we are really hungry and NOT when we are bored. I think she is mean, and I make sure she knows about it!!! Come check out our pictures to see what I meanconfused


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Hi, I am a little chubby too and the vet said to cut down on the wet food. I get two pouches a day and a little dry. The vet said to feed me one pouch and about 1/2 cup of dry or less a day. This depends on how I eat it. Well, I rather have the wet food. My Mommy is going to ask the vet if I can just eat wet food. My Mommy has been reading that wet food is the best way to lose weight. Yum, I like wet food! Good luck to you too. Meow and nose nudge.


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Merlin, my vet doesn't follow strict weight guidelines alone. When I was a wee cat she said to mom "he should be no more than 10 lbs" as a DSH, but when she last saw me at 11 1/2 lbs she said 11 was okay, as long as that 1/2 lb came off me, because I was looking really good otherwise. She said when in doubt you're supposed to do the rib test: if you can't feel a cat's ribs when petting him at all, they're too fat (apparently she could sort of feel my ribs, so she's allowing me the extra lb. wink).

I used to get 2/3 of a cup of dry daily and /2 of a 3 oz can of wet food. The vet said cut the wet to every other day, and taper off the dry a bit. Mom didn't really know what to think, for she had heard many on catster swear by wet food being better for losing weight. But dad was like "The vet knows Boris best, so we're gonna do what she says first, and see if it works." So mom got me on a schedule for wet food, and gradually eased me into eating 1/2 a cup of dry. We are not due back in to the vet until January, but dad tells me and mom he can definitely tell I've lost that weight: I have more energy, and my pouch is nearly flat. If your vet says dry, try out her advice, Mittens. I was sad because I wasn't getting wet food all the time anymore, but I adjusted.

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