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Queen of- Apartment 3B
Purred: Wed Oct 17, '07 1:47pm PST 
do any one has any home made toys that i can make for my cat. when ever i give her simple she likes them better than the store items////

or do u have a link for home made toys?



Not enough time- in a day!
Purred: Wed Oct 17, '07 2:25pm PST 
Hiya!! *giggles* My fav toy is a bag tie or a lightplate protecter switch!! I love to fling them across the wood floor!! But if you mean home made catnip toys--mommy makes them and has them on her website www.poshpetsbyc.com

They are yummy too!


Treat me like- the princess I- am
Purred: Wed Oct 17, '07 3:02pm PST 
We like the rings you pull off milk or OJ jugs. Oh and boxes!


I'm bringing- sexy back
Purred: Wed Oct 17, '07 5:59pm PST 
I love straws!


Lets Go Bills!
Purred: Thu Oct 18, '07 3:16am PST 
oh Diego me too! Moreso when i was a kitten but i still love to steal straws out of peoples drinks when they come home from fast food places.


Oooooh!! Shiney!
Purred: Thu Oct 18, '07 10:01pm PST 
I like mom's hairties (the thick stretchy ones). They are the best. Khimber like the things off the milk jugs as well. But mom makes catnip pillows (two pieces of cloth sewn together with catnip inside) and we play with those. The empty toilet paper/paper towel roll, a broken vacuum cleaner belt, and an old sock with a knot in it are some of our favorite toys.

But Khimber's favorite toy is an orange mouse with a bell on it's tail, she carries it all over the house, it was an old cat toy that none of the other cats would play with, so mom got it out and sewed a bell on it - Khim loves it.


Rub my belly!
Purred: Fri Oct 19, '07 7:46am PST 
I don't reccommend the little white plastic tops you pull out of orange juice containers, or the rings that go around mil containers....one of my friend's cats swallowed one and got it stuck in his throat, which led to an emergency trip to the vet where they had to pull it out. Just be careful what you give them...even if they've never done it before it is possible for them to inhale or swallow things you would ever expect.

Mysty (The- Princess)

Lay still! I'm- grooming you!
Purred: Fri Oct 19, '07 5:56pm PST 
we LOVE platic bags to pounce on


A little nut of- caffeinated- goodness
Purred: Fri Oct 19, '07 10:10pm PST 
Tin foil balls make the best cheap homemade toys EVER. dancing I also love the occasional hair scrunchie when I can steal it from mommy.

Squeaker- (In Memory- Of)

Bottle Fed baby
Purred: Sun Oct 21, '07 9:23pm PST 
A lot of cats are happy with a box or a paper bag to hide in. Then jump out of when someone walks by. Empty water or soda bottles are good to bat around like a ball. A simple ball of yarn makes a great toy too. Even dogs like the empty bottles cause they are easy to hit and hard to bite into. Just make sure that all the liquid is out of them first. A plastic drinking cup is good too cause you can carry it around . Roll up some old socks like a ball and have fun with that too. Also anything that you can play tug of war with is great. The pull of the curtians makes a good toy too as long as you do not get caught.laugh out loud

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