Will I, should I?

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Purred: Tue Oct 9, '07 1:41pm PST 
Chip my beloved Oscar? We live in Dublin, Ireland and whilst it is still a small city, kitties go missing. We live in the centre in a complete walled oasis of wildlife which is unusual so close to town as we call it, but for example a strawberry blonde long haired kitten was left into the local vet (with a collar without a contact) and no one came looking. The cost is Eur 60, my question (and I really know what the answer is....) is do it do it?



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I say do it. He might be a bit miffed at first, but it's worth it just for the peace of mind.

By the way, I've been to Dublin and loved it. I was in Ireland for two weeks after I graduated from high school (too long ago to mention years... but I will say that my pink hair, shaved on the side, didn't come close to rivaling the bright red and blue mohawks... if that gives you an idea). I came home with a very short-lived Irish accent, too!

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If you are able, yes do it. I just had Charlita chipped yesterday and will be bringing Sophie in next week(I wish I had done her when I had her spayed). Even though they are both indoors only, you never know when they might need it.