Vick and Animal Empathy Course

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Have you all seen this:


Just wondering what everyone's thoughts are. I, for one, don't believe he can ever be completely absolved of the atrocities he and his associates committed on all those innocent dogs. I think he could achieve some sort of redemption by becoming an outspoken opponent of dogfighting. I mean get out there in the communities like the one he says he grew up in and advocate compassion. Maybe he could even teach similar courses in empathy to at-risk kids. However, merely taking the course himself is not enough. I want him to renounce his past and more.


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I do not believe any of it and its so he has something to show the judge. There is no cure for this idoit. And who cares what he does now the damage it done. He has distroyed what was most inportant and that was the pits and any other animal he may have used to abuse. He makes me sick and there is nothing he can do in my mind to please me in the least. He has not learned on dang thing. Only to do it better and not get cought. thinking SO HE THINKS
He can think he is fooling someone but he is not going to fool me. I do not like him and will never like him. shh

So now you have my thoughts on him and its not very much....may he rot and you know where........wave

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I'll be honest and say that I think if he did become an outspoken proponent against dogfighting and actually did go into the streets and dedicate himself to this and not just take the course as Sweet Pea said, I hold out some hope.

I know what he did was awful (and b/c I am a cat fanatic, when I think how they use cats tears me up more inside), but if we didn't believe in redemption, then there's no hope anywhere. Maybe I live with rose colored glasses, and believe me, I think he'd have to do ALOT and over a LONG course of time, but I want to believe someone can see the light. I pray he really really does....

But... actions will always speak louder than words, for ALL of us.


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He woould have to be very dedicated for some period to time to convince me its not just PR, thats to say "if" he ever actually did any anti dogfighting work.

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Well said Amelia


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If anyone thinks a one day course is going to help Vick - then you need to rethink.

He only wants to put himself in the limelight to make people think he is a changed man!

He thinks he will get sympathy and not have to do any jail time.!!


Sorry - I'm a little ticked off about this this morning.

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shock Oh I agree he should receive all the punishment he justly deserves for his crime. And PETA made that clear to him as well. True it is a one day class but I still hope it is a start, and a long, genuine start. Time will tell.....thinking


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I like to be hopeful too. But right now, me and my family are still really disgusted by his actions, and we don't care how many classes he takes. He needs to get the maximum sentence, and he needs to be forced to donate money to the ASCPA and Best Friends. That way, even if he doesn't care (and we know he doesn't), he's still doing some tangible good.

Maybe one day we'll forgive him. But not today.

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Well I just heard something that will definately put a cramp in his style!

They're going to make him repay 20 million back from his bonus!


Hit the greedy cruel human where it hurts...in the wallet mol haha ha ha rofm!!!

~Jet Giotto~

PS, hehe haha mol purrrr purrrr purrr.....


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Personally, I think it is a good idea. People, like animals, can be turned around. But of course, he needs to be severely punished and banned from owning animals. But the empathy course is a wonderful idea. I for one support it 100%!