Help! Haven't heard from "foster home" in over 2 weeks, can't reach them!

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Posey,- missing

Forever Loved
Purred: Sun Sep 30, '07 8:41pm PST 
I am SO worried I've been frantically trying to figure out what to do for several days!
I cannot reach Posey's "foster home".
A few weeks ago I gave Posey to a woman who had a nursing mom cat because Posey was only 1-2 weeks old orphaned, doing badly with a bottle and needed a surrogate. She had agreed to keep Posey temporarily so she could nurse with the rescued mother and litter the woman had, and give her back to me (her permanent home) when she was weaned.
Everything seemed fine, she emailed me several times with updates on how she was doing, but then she suddenly stopped communicating with me. It's been over 2 weeks now that I have not heard anything from her despite repeated emails and phone messages I have left. I don't have her exact address, just email and phone number and general area, and I don't know what to do now! I need some advice please! I am so worried about Posey and I really do not know what I can do! cry I keep sending her emails telling her to contact me as soon as possible and have left phone messages as well and am not getting any answers at either one. Help!

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Purred: Mon Oct 1, '07 3:14pm PST 
I am so sorry to hear this. I wouldn't know what to do either. The only thing i could say is if you have her name try and look her up in the phone book or something. Just keep trying, that's your baby and you deserve to have it back.

Sasha Maree

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Purred: Mon Oct 1, '07 3:33pm PST 
Go to yellowpages.com and click on the find a person link. On that page, there is a link that will allow you to look up someone by the phone number. It will give you the address, as long as it isn't an unlisted number.


Little Prissy- Timid Booty Girl

Purred: Mon Oct 1, '07 3:34pm PST 
Maybe go to switchboard.com and put in her phone number and see what comes up.

pawmail me with all info you have and I'll see what I can find out for you - no promises but will try.

Posey,- missing

Forever Loved
Purred: Mon Oct 1, '07 6:09pm PST 
I tried several phone book sites and reverse phone lookup sites, but they never come up with anything except for the ones that want you to pay them for information... All they said is "Residential" or "Landline" but no name or address connected with the phone number.

I tried to call this evening and got an answer but when I asked for the person by name they hesitated and then said I have the wrong number. I know I had the right number though. confused


Little Pink- Nosies Rule!
Purred: Mon Oct 1, '07 6:16pm PST 
How did you find this person in the first place? Where did you meet her to give your cat to her?

Type her phone number in the Google search bar. If you feel she is stealing your cat, contact the police. Get the ASPCA involved.

Velvet- 1992-2008

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Purred: Mon Oct 1, '07 7:34pm PST 
I agree with Sophie. Call the police or the SPCA and get them involved. Good luck to you.

Posey,- missing

Forever Loved
Purred: Mon Oct 1, '07 7:41pm PST 
I am afraid to get the police involved because I am worried that she will either lie and tell them that it is her cat and they won't believe me (I do have copies of all the emails she sent me and dated photos of Posey...)
OR that if she hears the police are involved she will take Posey away and hide her somewhere else (or give her away) and/or then claim to not know anything about it at all. cry
Either that or that they'll tell me they can't do anything since I don't have enough information about the woman... thinking cry

IF I can get her address some how I was thinking of going there (with someone else) and asking for my kitten. If she refuses, I will call the police right there at her doorway.

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Athena (In- Memory)

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Purred: Mon Oct 1, '07 7:58pm PST 
For proof you also have Posey's page here on Catster to show when you found her and subsequent events.

I hope you can find the woman and find Posey, too. We're purring for you. hug

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Purred: Tue Oct 2, '07 3:51am PST 
I agree with the other posters-you want to make sure you act fast

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