Please Purr for me....we got some scary news today

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♥Chlo- e♥

Purred: Tue Aug 28, '07 3:57pm PST 
My Mommy can't stop crying! She is so scared. My cat cardiologist appt. didn't go so well, even though I was the most cooperative patient they had even seen...even when they shaved my chest and did X rays and an EKG and took my BP. You all would be so proud! The very nice doctor found out that I have moderate to severe hypertrophic cardiomyopathy with an very enlarged left atrial. Those are big words to say that I have heart disease even though you wouldn't know it to look at me. I even played with my favorite carrot when I got home. The vet said I really have to take it easy and rest. The good news is that I am not in heart failure now, I don't have any fluids in my lungs. But we don't know how long I may be around. I've only been with my furever family for a little over 2 years and we had hoped to have lots and lots of time together. So, we are going to take it day by day and I assuredly will be even more spoiled (didn't think That was possible!) I now have a bunch of pills to take (I even have to take baby aspirin which Mom takes.) I hate the vet but I am glad Mom took me for my routine yearly check and then followed up with a specialist. I know it is expensive but I am the little girly girl in my house and everyone loves me. We just are all still in shock right now but we will keep you posted. Thanks everyone for the thoughts and put me and my family on your prayer list.

XXOO Chloe, Princess Pork Chop of Woodview with the girlitudly loodly.

♥- Bella- ♥

I\'m married to- Tucker!!!
Purred: Tue Aug 28, '07 4:19pm PST 
Chloe, So sorry to hear about your scary news. Hopefully the medicine will help to keep you with your family for a long time. Please tell your Mommie to dry her eyes around you, so that you don't get upset, and to cherish the time she has with you, however long that may be. My Mommy said that she wouldn't trade the last six months she had with my brother BeeJay before he went to the Rainbow Bridge for anything. He had been very ill and finally was feeling fairly well for a few months and Mommie said that was the best time with him, because she appreciated how special he was and cherished every moment. We are purrrrring at my house for your continued health Chloe. Purrrrrrrrrr, Purrrrrrrrrrrr, Purrrrrrrrrrrrr, Bella and family

Mr. Fez- (Angel- Dreamboat- #25)

Hippie Kitty
Purred: Tue Aug 28, '07 4:39pm PST 
Chloe, so sorry to hear the news about your heart! You are a pretty kitty and have a great family who loves you very much. Just cherish and enjoy whatever time you have left with your family.

Mackenzie- (1997-2013)

Miss Priss
Purred: Tue Aug 28, '07 9:27pm PST 
This is horrible news. Mama used to take care of humans in a nursing home and she says that watching people with cardio...whatever the word is was a horrible thing - one of the more horrible ways to die. Oh how we wish it could have been better news!

We will purr for you and your family. It's going to be a tough road. I can tell that you will handle this with grace and dignity. You'll need to help your humans as they think about the future. We calicoes are the nurturers of the family so I know you'll be pawsome at it.

Nose kisses;


I'm Fusky! (I'm- furry and I'm- husky!)
Purred: Tue Aug 28, '07 9:37pm PST 
Mommy has been busy and/or away for awhile so I have not been able to check in. I am very sorry for your diagnosis but hope that you keep feeling better.
Perhaps the next few days will bring better news...

Aragorn (In- Memory)

One Cool Cat

Purred: Tue Aug 28, '07 9:59pm PST 

The meds will help you. Other than that, you and your mom have to live one day at a time . . . it may be a long time . . . just live it to the fullest. Lots of hugs and kisses and cuddling. We're purring for you.

hug hug hug hug


Amazing Grace
Purred: Wed Aug 29, '07 1:30am PST 
You will certainly have our purrrs and prayers, Chloe.
You know, time is not a guarantee for any of us, and now that you know you have some problems, your Humans will take extra good care of you.
I do think, though, that it's important for all of us to enjoy each day, because, again, no guarantees.
Our Mom watched her Mom go downhill with Alzheimers, and yet, Mom says she would not have missed the chance to have that time and be there for her Mom for anything. Sure there were sad times, tears, regrets, but, far more importantly there was the chance to be there when her Mom needed her most, and share some great quality time, together. To make very special memories. Our Grandma has been called home, and she was ready, but Mom will always have all the memories of their time together. Priceless.

Shep, My- Precious- Angel

Is that for me?- Is it? No? Are- you sure?
Purred: Wed Aug 29, '07 5:53am PST 
Beautiful Chloe,
JoJo and I are purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring REALLY HARD for you! We are happy, however, that you don't seem to be affected by your heart condition, and are still playing!
We are hoping for the best, and please know that you are in our thoughts,
Sheppy and JoJo


Little Prissy- Timid Booty Girl

Purred: Wed Aug 29, '07 6:27am PST 
OH NO - we are praying for you. Autumn and I have a heart murmur that the vets are monitoring. We to had the test to find out how bad it was. So far we are ok and not on medication even though Autumn is anemic. We are now in the process of deciding how to treat her.

Please rest and get spoiled (even more)!


Chloe R.I.P.- my sweet- baby

Miss Amerikitty
Purred: Wed Aug 29, '07 8:36am PST 
Oh Chloe, I am so sad to hear this news. You hang in there and be tough. I had to take so many pills every single day and it was hard, but they will keep you as healthy as you can be. Try to be patient with your humans when they give you your meds. They don't like it either; I promise.

My mommy and I got closer than ever (which didn't even seem possible since we were so close anyway) when I got really sick. It was the best times in some ways and not in others. Promise you will take it easy and let your pawrents pamper you.

And try not to fret. I realize it's difficult, but staying positive will help. At least that is what my mommy always said.

We will all be purring for you.

Nose kisses, Chloe

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