Collars - how often do you lose yours?

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Give Strays a- Chance!
Purred: Sun Aug 26, '07 8:51pm PST 
My pawrents want to know how often my fellow furs lose their collars. They say I lose mine way too often and that it can't be possible and suspect that a neighbor might be removing them. Why? Can't explain but that is dad's theory. Mom is just puzzled... So can you tell me how often you sneak out of yours or how often you come back home naked. Tanks


I'm cute and I- know how to use- that :)
Purred: Sun Aug 26, '07 9:15pm PST 
Preface - I am an indoor only cat.

That said, it depends on which kind of collar you have and how loose it is. I have a stretch collar rather than a safety one, which makes it easier for me to remove the collar should I get caught in something like furniture and the like (the problem with safety collars is that sometimes the safety takes too long). I know it is stretchy, so I played with it for months trying to show mommy how good I am at taking it off. But eventually I've stopped, because no matter how much I took mine off, mommy put it right back.

Even with a stretch collar, your mom or dad should put two adult size fingers against your neck while it is being tied around you. That way they can be sure it is loose enough for wiggle room in an emergency (i.e., if it gets stuck, you can use your the wiggle room to paw it off your head), but not so loose that it easily falls off if you do a lot of physical stuff during your outings.

P.S. - Mommy says that the part I really hated about my collar was the bell that came with it. It was very tinkly. Mom took the pliers, yanked it off, and just left the tags on. The tags tinkle too, enough so mom can hear me about, but they are about 1/4 as loud as that blasted bell. Maybe if the bell is gone, you'll tolerate your collar a bit better too.

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Give Strays a- Chance!
Purred: Mon Aug 27, '07 9:44am PST 
Oh I lose all collars! The only ones mom wont put on me are the one's that close like a belt because she is afraid I could not get out of it. I have worn safety collars, snap collars and velcro collars. My siblings all have too and we keep losing them.
None of us have bells, mom removes them immediately. Some of our collars have name tags while others don't. No matter the material of the collar they keep disappearing. To be honest we are the only cats in this neighborhood who wear collars.
Mom does the finger test on us so we cant slip out nor are they tight on our necks. Mom watches us around the house wearing them and none of us freak out or scratch at them, wearing them is normal to us...so where do they all disappear to is what mom wants to know. (dad is still maintaining his theory on a neighbor removing them))

Sneakers, I- miss you

Got Milk?
Purred: Sun Sep 30, '07 8:53pm PST 
The only time I ever lost a collar was when one of my humans took it off and forgot where they put it! I never take my own collars off...

Mysty (The- Princess)

Lay still! I'm- grooming you!
Purred: Tue Oct 2, '07 11:15am PST 
Sissy and I take ours off all the time (we are indoor cats). We scratch at them until they loosen up, then we wiggle and wiggle until our heads pop out of them. The other day mommy came home and they were laying next to each other on the floor! Mommy gave up putting them back on until she can find another kind that works better.

Blade- (2000-2010)

Purred: Wed Oct 3, '07 10:31am PST 
I'm allowed outdoors and when I was a younger cat, I often got into fights with my neighbours cats. This is the No. 1 cause of losing collars as well as them getting caught on bushes and things.
My mum was convinced that someone was taking my collars off until she saw me at the bottom of the garden having a tear up with a cat that used to lived near me. She saw how he grabbed onto my collar and as I pulled away it came off. Cats usually always grab onto the neck when fighting and onto the collar if one is worn.
Thankfully I try to stay out of trouble these days but now and again I still come back in without my collar. She knows that our neighbours gardens must be littered with many of my collars from the past. Even though she writes in the i.d. barrel "small reward for the return of this collar", only once has someone returned one.

Sable - ~Love you- Always~

Ride the Wild- Wind
Purred: Thu Oct 4, '07 2:47pm PST 
I'm an indoor cat but my meowmy has me wear a collar 'cause I try to sneak outside. I've never lost mine and I don't really mind wearing it too much.

Squeakers- (Gone Too- Soon)

Furever my love
Purred: Thu Oct 4, '07 5:07pm PST 
I've never lost mine, but I am mostly an indoor cat, although I go to Grandma's sometimes and I go on strolls sometimes. I have a breakaway collar, and I itch it sometimes, but otherwise it doesn't bother me.
Although, this is funny, last Monday, Mommy continued her sick leave cuz she had a doctor's appointment, and afterwards, since she knew she wouldn't be going back to work just yet, she made a vet appointment for me and Sandy. Well she wanted to put us in our carriers before she went to the doc, not knowing that that darn doc kept her waiting for OVER AN HOUR! Well, Sandy was stuck in the plastic carrier, but I was in the stroller (that doubles as a carrier), so after awhile I had had enough, and I busted out!
Well, I made a hole just big enough in the netting, but my collar got stuck or something, so I got out of my collar too!
Mommy was so shocked to see I wasn't in the stroller carrier!! She wasn't to thrilled about the hole either, but she thought I was very crafty!
My sweetie Leo gave me a purrty little necklace last Christmas. Mommy put it on me and it looked great, but I didn't like how it felt. It was purrrty, little purrple hearts, but after two days of wearing it and being "cute", while Mommy was at a Christmas pawty, I yanked that sucker off! Mommy was wondering where it went?
For months after that she was picking purple hearts off the bedroom floor laugh out loud

♥Winn- ie - The Pooh

Hello- Furfriends, - Diva Kitty Here!
Purred: Fri Oct 5, '07 8:15pm PST 
Oh,,,,collars are a very sticky subject here at my house......red face my Mom has tried every kind of safety break away collar she could find....well, to say it nicely,,,,,I'm a house cat (don't go outside)....I will pitch a small diva fit when you try to put that collar on me & believe me, she's tried tons of them......they CAN & WILL slip off IF you know how to do it! MOL......but, I figure maybe you are losing your collars while on your adventures outside through bushes or venturing somewhere.......shrug not sure......my furmom needs to pack up all those silly collars she has & mail them to you! haha Hope you all figure it out! Purrs out to you! from your collarless furfriend!


dogs have- owners, cats- have servents
Purred: Tue Oct 9, '07 6:50am PST 
me and my pal lacey don't wear collars as we play rough and mine fell off and lacey had a bad experience with her going into to her mouth and pulling her jaw down and it had to be cut off and mum did not want any of us to go through that again

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