I've been missing for over a year now

Whether a cat dies, is lost or stolen, or must be placed in a new home, this is the place to gather together to give and receive love and support when you experience the loss of a beloved cat.

Big Head- Todd-MISSING- 8/14/06

Pats first, food- later
Purred: Sat Aug 18, '07 10:08pm PST 
It was a little over 1 year ago that my family saw me for the last time...August 13th, 2006 was just a regular day but my family didn't know when they said good night that it would be the last time.
Mama was trying so hard to make me an indoor cat, but those rotten dogs kept scaring me.
Not a day goes by that she doesn't think of me and even looks for mefrown
The three new cats who live here are all indoors, but there is still room for me if I can ever return.
Please keep your kitties inside and safe and give them an extra hug tonight from my family.

Mr. Sister - In Loving- Memory

I'm a Good Boy - I love my mommy

Purred: Sun Aug 19, '07 9:09am PST 
If you don't return remember you will be with your family again.
That is the Rainbow Bridge Promise.

meow and purrs

Gimme- (Guillermo- Hemmingway)

Purred: Sun Aug 19, '07 10:55am PST 
Todd, we have never stopped purring for you. We hope you are well, wherever you are.

Gimme, Ele', and Ambro


Amazing Grace
Purred: Mon Aug 20, '07 12:09am PST 
We hope, and we always will, that you are well and safe. Huggs to your Mom.
We are indoor only Cat's and although sometimes we think we'd like to try that great outdoors, we appreciate your advice, we know it's safer.
You and your family are forever in our Prayers!
Heidi in Memory, Gracie and Checkers.


Purr Power
Purred: Mon Aug 20, '07 11:52am PST 
We are so sorry you have not found your way back home yet, but we will keep purring for you.



Big Head- Todd-MISSING- 8/14/06

Pats first, food- later
Purred: Mon Aug 20, '07 8:40pm PST 
Thank you so much everyonehughughughug
Mama really thought this would get easier after a whole year, but she is crying just reading your postscry
She knows she will see me again some day, but she'd be infinitely happy if that day was today!

King Kie- Missing but maybe fo

I'll attack your- feeters!
Purred: Tue Aug 21, '07 2:04am PST 
Sorry and hope you will be found. I've been missing for a very long time now, mama has my sister and often thinks of me. Best you can do is keep him fresh in your memory.


Mooey Gooey- Goodness!
Purred: Thu Sep 13, '07 6:31pm PST 
We are so sorry that your Momma and family are so sad. We hope that you somehow find your way home safe and sound.

I know all too well what it is like to be an outside cat. It is very scary. My old family left me outside all the time. When I found my new Mommy and Daddy I was very skinny, dirty and my fur was all matted. My new Mommy brought me in, fed me and washed me. She even cut all the yucky mats out of my fur. I have been an indoor cat ever since and I am happy that way because I am safe and well fed now.

My wish is that you find your family soon. If you can't, then I hope that you found another good family to take care of you and keep you safe. hug

Gentle Purrs,
Moo kitty


Purred: Sat Sep 15, '07 10:03am PST 
It is so very hard to have a missing friend. I hope he's somewhere doing well and I hope you'll soon be able to find him.