Unexpected house guest!

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Purred: Thu Aug 2, '07 4:41am PST 
Hey guys!

So last night, the hubby and I were researching bat houses. At first, he was totally grossed out by the idea, but he's coming around the more information we find.

Anyway, he says "we'll have to make sure that we seal up the chimney so that they can't get down it."

Last year, we had a bird in the chimney. I took the dogs outside so that Jim could get it out. It was flying around the house...Ahab, the three legged kitty ended up catching the thing in his mouth. He looked so proud and confused at the same time, it was funny.

Anyway, I'm on the couch with the laptop, getting my morning dose of vitamin dogster, and lo and behold, hear the flapping of wings in the fireplace!

We've got a little bird, chilling out in there for now. It'll drive Mokie crazy while I'm gone, I'm sure. But I guess that for now, I think I'll let the little guy tire himself out and if he doesn't find his own way out by lunch, hopefully he will be tired enough where I can grab him in a towel and release.



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Purred: Thu Aug 2, '07 7:29am PST 
Aw, poor birdie! I know that can really stress them out.

We have a wood burning stove in our basement that's attached to the chimney. There's been a couple times when a bird's gotten stuck in there. We usually just shut the basement doors and opened the windows (they don't have screens down there) and let them fly out. Now, we've got some contraption on the chimney that keeps animals out.

I'm sure Gunner would just love if another bird got stuck in our's though!