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Wild Child in- Training
Purred: Thu Jul 5, '07 12:38pm PST 
I iz noo here... I just kum to Katztr 'n my noo fostr famly- I no evn have name yet! I no stay long... Fostr Mum sez I iz gonna find noo home in few monthz. I iz kinda shy cuz I iz babie. I haz fostr bruthur- heem name Simba, sez yoo mite no heem cuz he be hear long tiem. You want we can bee friendz? Pweeze?

Squeakers- (Gone Too- Soon)

Furever my love
Purred: Thu Jul 5, '07 7:23pm PST 
Yooo iz soooooooo cyooot!


Wild Child in- Training
Purred: Thu Jul 5, '07 8:04pm PST 
Teehee, I noze. Tanx thow!


♥ Simbas Lucky- Wife! ♥
Purred: Thu Jul 5, '07 10:22pm PST 
*picks little foster kit up and gives her a hug*

Awwwww!! Woo iz too coot fer werds!!!


All you need is- love
Purred: Fri Jul 6, '07 9:51am PST 
Hellooo little fosterrrrr!!!! You iz verrry cute!!! I wishes that you could come live with me!!! Mom and even the vetternayrian said I might like a little brofur or sisfur (littler then my sisfur Zoe - she iz only 1 day littler then me!). Until you gets bigger and gets yer fuurrever home i will be yer furriend - ok? Bigg bigg headbonks to you little furiend!


miss- purrrrrfect!
Purred: Fri Jul 6, '07 11:19am PST 
your very cute! id love to be friends


Wild Child in- Training
Purred: Fri Jul 6, '07 6:53pm PST 
Tankies yoo guyse and fur da furrend rekweztz! *purrs*

I gots name now! I iz Diva! *grins*

TGM Gimli DB- #101a

Play Hard, Sleep- Hard!

Purred: Fri Jul 6, '07 7:14pm PST 
Mew mew Diva, mew are furry cyoot!


Wild Child in- Training
Purred: Mon Jul 9, '07 7:25pm PST 
Tankies Gimmie! *giggles*

I gots new picshurez todayz- mor cootnez!

Benny Grunch

Will Meow for- Treats!!!
Purred: Tue Jul 10, '07 7:49am PST 
"Goes up to Diva and licks her ears".....you are such a cutie. We just visited your page and:

1) Invited you and your family to be our friends
2) Gave you a treat
3) Sent you a Rosette

You needed something to liven up your page. Love the photos, and GOD BLESS the purrson who is keeping you in their home. Stories like this make us smile and purr.

Emma, Louis and Benny Grunch