I could of been a contender!

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Big Leo!
Purred: Sat Jun 16, '07 1:46pm PST 
For Cat of The Week...If I were a $1,200.00 pure-bred cat from an exclusive pet store in Princeton, but alas...I am just a alley cat from the Martin Luther King Blvd. area in Newark...Such is life. I guess you have to accept the hand you were dealt in life. So far I have survived being abandoned in the hood and also being run over by a car, so I guess I can live with out being a Cat of The Week. I thought about going down the street some night and ripping an ear off one of the neighbor's fancy Persians to prove I am as good as they are, but they say that two wrongs don't make a right. Maybe I could pass myself off as a fancy Maine Coon Cat, nah!....I just can't chirp like they do. I could of been a contender!

Bo- (adopted!)

Lil' love bug
Purred: Sat Jun 16, '07 3:08pm PST 
Hi Leonidas,

Seems that you're a bit upset because of not being cat of the week, but you're statement about only purebred cats being chosen for COTW is simply not true. After all, they chose me, a beat up cat with a bummed leg, drooling like crazy because of his medications, just a simple black and white cat who's been through his share of battles looking for his forever home. I was in bad shape when they chose me, I was just getting ready for my third of four surgeries to correct the damage done to my leg, and I wasn't really a pleasant sight, but I was so loving and even through all of the bandage changing and those awful medications that made me foam at the mouth and drool, they gave me the chance to be COTW to help me find my new home. Thanks to being COTW, I came in contact with a wonderful lady who helped me find a home! Had it not been for Catster and all of their help and support, I would probably still be in Foster Mom's home waiting around for my purrfect family. If you’ll look through the past chosen COTW, you’ll see that a lot of them are looking for homes, there are some purebreds they weren't chosen for their looks, they were chosen for something they did, or something they fought through. For example, Alex Finnegan is a purebred Ragdoll, but he was desperately fighting to keep his life because of the awful bad food that sent him into kidney failure. Almost all of the chosen COTW aren't purebred, like I said, some are trying to find homes, some for something they have been through or a deed they did through Catster, it all depends on the cat, but all of the chosen COTW deserve it for some reason.

I do hope that this doesn’t offend you, and I hope that you aren’t too down about not being chosen for COTW, but we all must wait our turns for a chance in the spotlight.

Purrs and bonks,

Lily- (Tiger-Lily- Brianne)

Brat Attack!
Purred: Sun Jun 17, '07 12:37am PST 
Well said Bo!

All true!!

purrrrrrrrs and bonks from Lily

way to go


Purred: Sun Jun 17, '07 6:03pm PST 
I agree with Bo.

Some day will come where you are COTW. We would all like to be in that spot, but we all can't!! way to go


Big Leo!
Purred: Sun Jun 17, '07 6:10pm PST 
Thanks a lot Jay..You can't stick up for a fellow orange cat you traitor..LOL!

Baby Kitty,- RIP- 6/1/90-1/17/- 09

Need Nursing?- Call Me, I\'s da- Best!
Purred: Mon Jun 18, '07 6:37am PST 
thinking Hmmm... well, now... thinking

None of us in my family - all mixed breeds, including 2 orangies - have nefur been COTW & we've been with Catster for over a year.


I don't know how COTW is picked, or even how the Diary of the Day is picked. shrug

It's done by Catster HQ - their perogative, since it's their site. So, I guess the only thing mew should do is hope. Kind of like winning a lottery. If it happens - hey, more power to ya! hail

I hope mew get mewr day in the sun!

cloud 9dancingcheer

Baby Kitty

♥- Manna- ♥

I know I'm- adorable, thats- why u love me
Purred: Mon Jun 18, '07 2:58pm PST 
Hello all, I think that whoever gets Cat of the Day, Cat of the Week or even Diary pick of the day is blessed to be picked fur any prize!

I was very shocked and surprised when I got Cat of the Day but I never would be so bold as to say that it's not fair that I haven't yet been chosen for Cat of the Week! If it happens, it happens, if it doesn't, it doesn't.

We should all be thankful for a place that makes us all feel special, whether it's just having lots of furriends, or being in great groups, or winning a contest.

Catster, in my opinion, is one big happy family (and most everyone plays fair) and that is enough fur me!


Tom Cat

Purred: Mon Jun 18, '07 4:54pm PST 
I feel you would make a lovely cat of the week, nay, cat of the year!:-


Big Leo!
Purred: Mon Jun 18, '07 5:27pm PST 
Thanks Tom Cat! Us alley cats have to stick together!

Pooh Bear

Mr. This is MY- house.
Purred: Mon Jun 18, '07 6:54pm PST 
LMTO....Leonidas you are sooo funny, that was a cool diatribe. I caught your joke. Sometimes kitties take things too seriously, no kitty truly knows how COTW is chosen ceptin those "in the know" "on the 'choosin' team" wave (waving to the choosin team)

Don't hate me cause I am a Maine Coon (mix laugh out loud ) love me cause I'm orange!

We will all have our day eventually....I could be a contender too, (Pooh says in his best Marlon Brando voice)
Later Leonidas You will be a cool cat of the week on of these days!

Meows and Purrs,
Pooh Bear

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