Snowy & Martin's Engagement Pawty - Sat 9 June 1pm catster/4pm EST - Efurryone welcome!

Travel to places around the world, make new furiends and pawty with them; let your imagination carry you away!

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Martin is my- soulcat....
Purred: Mon Jun 4, '07 9:17am PST 
Dearest furriends!

Please join myself and my beloved soon-to-be-husband Martin to celebrate our engagement!!

The pawty will start on Saturday June 9 at 1pm catster / 4pm EST and you are all welcome!!!

Hope to see you then! dancing

Ashley Jay

Better L8 than- never??- *sheepish grin*
Purred: Tue Jun 5, '07 4:30am PST 
*peeks in the pawty room just to be nosy* MOL I can't wait for Saturday to help Snowy and Martin celebrate! They are such a pawsome couple and I wish them every happiness!

way to goway to go

Emma Barrett

It\'s good to be- the Queen
Purred: Tue Jun 5, '07 7:17am PST 
Dear Snowy and Martin:

Louie, Benny and I will be there with fur on!!!! Wishing you both many years of happiness.

Emma, Louie and Benny

♥- Angel - ♥

Kissy-face ...- wiggle paws
Purred: Tue Jun 5, '07 2:27pm PST 
How exciting, Snowy and Martin - an Engagement Pawty !!!

We'll be there with bells on, MOL (I wear a gold bell & Merlin wears a blue bell)

I hope it's ok if I ask Martin for a dance; and you, sweet Snowy may have to ask Merlin as he's too shy to ask you ...

we can't wait !!!

much love,

Angela and Merlin xoxoxox


I'm bringing- sexy back
Purred: Tue Jun 5, '07 3:50pm PST 
Snowy and Martin, my sister LuLu and I are very happy for you. Unfortunately mom willbe at a big parade and we will not be able to attend the party but we wanted to wish you all the best in your future together!applause

Rascal- our OCP- Angel- '94-'11

The Moose
Purred: Tue Jun 5, '07 5:09pm PST 
Congratulations Snowy & Martin! So happy for you. We would love to attend by our human sis is graduating that same day. But big meows, purrs, and headbutts for you both!

Lily (In- Loving- Memory)

When in doubt,- cuddle on the- bed.
Purred: Wed Jun 6, '07 4:09am PST 
*Lily and Emmy peek in the pawty room and leave some pretty flower arrangements and ballons*

Oh, Snowy and Martin, conCATulations you two!


Lily & Emmywavesnoopy


tie-tie boo
Purred: Wed Jun 6, '07 3:37pm PST 
Congratulations to Snowy and Martin..... Patches and I will be at the pawty.... We love pawtys..... wishescloud 9dancinglaugh out loud


Cats Rule!!
Purred: Wed Jun 6, '07 9:36pm PST 
Isn't there another pawty then too? Or is this the same one the fishy one?


- The Mice Slayer
Purred: Thu Jun 7, '07 1:05am PST 
Concats Snowy and Martin!!!!! dancingdancingdancing

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